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Bellamy "fruit of mystery" (uknown genus) setting fruit at 9mo from seed

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In February of this year I ordered a bunch of random seeds from Bellamy.  I was poking around my greenhouse today and noticed that one of these had flowers and fruitlets forming, only nine months after planting thje seed.

I hope Kameron won't mind me posting his description here, from
"Fruta do Mistério - Fruit of Mystery
Seeds were imported directly from Brazil. This is thought to be Syzygium sp but it is not for certain. It is a small dense bush, that always stays small. Due to its size, it can stay in a container long term, or maybe even used for bonsai. The plant fruits abundantly, and several times a year. This plant like well-draining soil and lots of sun. The fruits are said to be good and eaten out of hand and are very sweet. Each fruit contains only one seed. Collectors in Brazil have reported that their seedlings are starting to produce after only 2-3 years from seed!"

his photo:

These particular ones were pre-germinated and most of them sprouted and survived.  I don't remember if I tossed the excess or if I have a few more floating around my greenhouse somewhere.  I guess it is possible there's another one flowering in my greenhouse and some flies cross-pollinated, but most likely these are just easily self-fruitful.

the mystery deepens....


your greenhouse is coming into pretty good production brian, I feel like I am seeing a new fruit pic every few weeks

I may be shooting at ghosts but your plant and its leaves look very much like it could be some sort of guava –or a guava relative.

That is abetted by the persistent green sepals on the flower-end of the fruit.


Paul M.

I have a fruiting plant. It is a syzygium or Eugenia sp. I’ve heard conflicting reports on which genus it is. It’s really good and understated. Fruits are mild and sweet.
It also continuously fruits and flowers

Lol! I was scheduling a car to rent when taking a trip, and they had a "mystery sedan" and other similar options. Fruit of Mystery sounds good to me, and safer than car of mystery. Still waiting on Fruit of Misery to flower.


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