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The thread on MMD sparked me into thinking about strange blooms that occurred on my Alison Red Kensington Pride (dwarf) mangoes this Autumn. Hopefully the pics work, but the new growth was split down the middle, exactly one half being new leaf growth and the other being inflorescence. I've never noticed this on any other mango, but have to confess I've not really taken a lot of notice of the flowers high up on the big guys - its just that its a baby dwarf that it caught my eyes. Has anyone else noticed this or have any images of interesting or irregular blooms?

I've seen it before and a good explanation is in the chapter "Reproductive Physiology" by Davenport in The Mango: Botany, Production, and Uses 2nd Edition. I am not sure how much of that chapter google will allow you to access though. Page 104 had some pics of the process including the chimeric flowers you appear to have had.


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