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Tropical Fruit Discussion / A crazy Sapodilla Story!!
« on: July 24, 2015, 11:19:53 PM »
Its been a long time since I've logged on but had share this ridiculously outrageous story! I've had this large tree pictured below growing in my front yard since I bought this house in 1999. Over the years I've considered chopping it down to plant a fruit tree (I have limited yard space). I have also for the last 16 years thrown away what I thought were useless reproductive seed pods when they landed in my yard. Well yesterday one of those "useless" pods landed on my walkway and cracked open. I picked it up to toss it in the trash and noticed it smelled
Like a pear in cinnamon so I chopped it up and took pictures. I sent those pictures to Sheehan and he informed me that this really old tree is a Sapodilla!! What a crazy thing!! All these years tossing many sapodillas in the trash because I didn't realize what they were!! What a great surprise!! They are big (see pic with comparison to yogurt container) and now that I have the chance to try one I can't wait!! Hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Trade?
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:48:35 PM »
I have two J-31 Jackfruit seedlings to trade for something I don't have. Both in 15 Gallon pots. (One is 7+ feet tall, the other is 8ft+) . Obviously the size of these trees will make shipping a problem.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Dragon fruit this possible?
« on: November 23, 2013, 02:35:18 PM »
I went outside to check my dragon fruit trellis and train/ tie up some new growth and found these babies growing underneath!!!
I have been tossing the decaying flowers and the small fruits that aborted after not developing into the pot so maybe could it be possible that after they rotted the seeds germinated?? Just amazing to me. This trellis is now approaching 2 years old on Dec 31st and it's doing great. I got 2 dozen fruit off it this fall and they were all well over a pound with the highest brix reading at 18.6 (you have to click on pictures of the babies twice to get it to open to full screen...they are tiny!)

I took these pictures from each side of the same mango tree (Carrie). The dark healthy looking leaves are from the South facing (sunnier) side. The chlorotic looking leaves are from the Northern facing shadier side. Everything else being totally equal.... would less direct sunlight cause this?
(after you click on the photo below, you'll have to click on it again to open it to full screen for close up details)


this giant caterpillar nearly completely defoliated 2 of my atemoyas and 2 of my sugar apple
It was 3 1/2 to 4 inches long and super aggressive
Does anyone know what kind it is?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Long Overdue Yard Update 5-27-13
« on: May 28, 2013, 03:36:45 PM »
I spent 3 hours repotting until I ran out of potting soil. I still have a few to go but they will have to wait for a soil run to HD. I finally found my camera and took some pictures before the rains came. Thank the plant gods for a good source of nice big pots.

Here is the update on my yard. (and yes it is still small and suffering from acre envy!)

Facing East

Facing North (in the center-- my Carrie tree planted in the ground)

Facing West (behind the tall papaya tree in the background is my seedling avocado-It set one fruit for the first time! woohoo)

The seedling was planted out Nov 3rd 2005 Right after Hurricane Wilma, 7 1/2 years later ----IT'S FIRST AND ONLY FRUIT SET!!

The Back of the house (sorta facing South and Citrus Row on the patio, Meyer lemon, Key Lime, Pink Variegated Lemon, Navel Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit)

My in ground Keitt (the subject of that branch lateralization experiment post on this forum)
Shaped great and holding lots of fruit....big fruit!

My Maha Chanok/ Khun See Cocktail tree- The Maha from Harry was grafted last year (on the left) The Khun See from Sleepdoc was grafted this week (on the right)

The shaded graft healing zone, in & outside of the screened porch, mostly atemoyas and mangoes (Nam Doc Mai, Mallika, Khun See and some cocktail mango trees)
Cocktail Atemoya Trees-Lisa & Geffner onto Cherimoya Rootstock

The newer growth here is from the Lisa budwood I grafted onto this Cherimoya last summer, the bagged area are new grafts to the other side from last weekend.

Potted Pickering

Potted Cogshall (almost 15ft tall)

Potted Angie

Potted Glenn

Potted Lancetilla (~8+ ft tall) fruiting for the first time, lots of mangoes and they are supposed to get gigantic

Potted Valencia Pride Seedling

Potted PPK (aka Lemon Meringue)

The Fig Zone (Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Magnolia)

Potted Abiu (Noel this is one of your babies)

Jackfruits (seedlings of J-31, NS1 and Bangkok Lemon

Dragon Fruit (Haley's Comet, Physical Graffitti, American Beauty and Zammorano)

Miracle Fruit (making lots of berries now)

Barbados Cherry (not my favorite  :(- anyone wanna trade?)

Lots of seeds sprouting Green Caimito, Jobaticaba (? deep purple fruit) and this Sugar Apple from Vietnam pic below

and the papayas aren't worthy of much fuss so one pic will do to represent them all

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Has any experienced this Papaya Issue
« on: May 26, 2013, 01:23:47 AM »
I have 5 Papaya Trees that I grew from seed and planted out almost a year ago. I finally got a couple of mature tree ripened fruit. I am now strongly considering chopping them down. I cut open the fruit and found grubs or some kind of maggot inside it crawling around in amongst the seeds and it totally grossed me out!!! What kind of bug was able to do that and how do I stop it! If I can't get good papayas then the trees are slotted for destruction!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / One Lonely Avocado
« on: May 15, 2013, 02:07:02 PM »
 :)This past Fall I never got around to racking back and top working my seedling avocado. (planted out in 2005). When the tree started pushing lots of flowers this spring (this is only the second season it has flowered) I prayed to the Fruit Gods to let it hold some fruit even if it was just one for me to try, so that I could decide what to do with it.
I did a survey of the tree today and found 1 apricot sized avocado where I can actually reach it!
I so can't wait to eat this poor lonely avocado and while I wait I pray that:
1. it makes it to maturity and
2. that is rocks my socks off so the decision will become an easy one!! Until then the rest of my trees are doing great. I will post an update soon.

PS I tried to add this to my original post about this seedling tree flowering last year but I couldn't find the thread

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID this fruit sample in this picture?
« on: March 28, 2013, 11:23:36 PM »
my sister recently traveled to Thailand and brought back some zip lock bags of seeds for me from the fruits she liked. I was able to identify the Annona seeds. There were also some seeds from a few Green- Chrysophyllum cainito. But this one bag of seeds is a mystery. Their guide supposedly called this fruit a Sabo Chose or Sabo Chore?? Someone else called it  'pale orange'. She didn't have a picture of the fruit before they chopped it up but here is the inside flesh showing the seeds. The fruit is on the far left of the picture. Any Ideas??

she also brought the seeds from one of these Sugar Apples

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Avocado Tree Question
« on: March 27, 2013, 08:32:08 AM »
At first I thought it was a problem specific only to my Avocado tree but it seems many people in my area are experiencing this issue..... The avocado trees are blooming but at the same time that this bloom cycle started the trees all are experiencing a huge amount of leaf loss. The trees are very noticeably shedding a lot of foliage. Is this a normal event not worthy of worry or could this be a problem???

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lessoned learned by trial/error
« on: February 15, 2013, 10:26:11 AM »
I posted this picture of this Maha Chanok scion grafted onto a random rootstock that I intend to make into a dual variety tree. The branches from the crotch were kinda short but I didn't want to wait since I had the scion already. The scion was longer than the branch I was grafting it onto. So I took a chance....and learned the following:
I left the rootstock branch on below the scion even after the graft took. When I saw the rootstock below the scion starting to push new growth I scooped off the swelling buds  thinking the scion would then push instead but it didn't. After doing this a few times I decided to take the risk/chance and hesitantly cut the rootstock branch off below the scion and see what would happen. I went out and checked it a week later and the gamble was worth it... IT WORKED! The scion Maha Chanok buds are now pushing growth 7 months after I did the initial graft!!! <Props to Harry for the Maha Chanok scion back in July!! Thanks again.>
This was taken in November 2012 (4 months after the graft was done)

This was taken today 2-15-12 (7 months after the graft was done)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Miracle Berry Problem
« on: November 05, 2012, 07:52:32 AM »
This tree was looking lush and happy a few weeks ago so I am stumped. Could this be fertilizer burn? I don't think I added any CRF to it at the end of September but if I did it would have only been the equivalent of less than an 1/8 cup.

Which method of using this imidacloprid is better/ most cost effective for palm trees---- soil drench with Imidacloprid 75% used as a drench at the root ($35 for 1200 gallons) Versus a pest control company coming to use Arborjet injection  ($150)?

I was leaning towards the soil drench thinking it should be cost effective, it would work within a week or so after application and I would have lots left over for later use. But the pest control guy is telling me it won't work (obviously it benefits him for me to believe that- so for that reason I am a bit skeptic of this advise)  He wants to inject them at $50-60 per tree.



After much consideration I have decided to top work my seedling avocado tree. It is just a monster that I let grow out of control prior to getting infected with the tropical fruit growing disease. I plan to cut the seedling in the next couple of weeks and graft 4 different varieties. I am in need of some opinions. While I realize these opinions  are all subjective, it is better than nothing as I don't have time to try them all prior to getting started.
Here are the following varieties I have narrowed it down to, however I am open to suggestions:
I was thinking of picking from the following 6 varieties
Miguel (July-Sept) 'b' type flower
Day (July-Sept)
Simmonds (June-Aug) 'a' type
Florida Haas (Oct-Nov) 'a' type
Bacon  (Sept-Oct) 'b' type
Oro Negro (Nov-Jan) 'b' type
Monroe (Nov-Feb) 'b' type

I also had considered Lula, Brogdon, Choquette but cut them from the list. I really like and prefer the rich creamy texture and nutty flavor of the Haas Avocado.


Thanks in advance for all input and help!!! Marin
Need an ID for This Avocado
It was picked shiny green as you see it whole in this pic, and turns the color burgundy/deep purple when it is fully ripened

This shows the cut/ inside of two (2)ripened avocados and one (1) whole uncut green/unripened

This shows the stages of ripening, fully ripened on the right is a deep color

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Dragon fruit mess
« on: September 11, 2012, 09:21:08 AM »
My dragon fruit has been blooming. I hand pollinated the flowers just to make sure they had a better chance.
The flowers started to die as they they usually do. I decided to inspect the it and was totally grossed out to find small white worms crawling all around. I cut off he flowers and brushed the remaining wormy maggoty looking things off. The next day the developing fruit parts turned yellow and fell off.
I am bummed. There are more little flower buds developing  and definitely want to avoid any more failures.

1. Has anyone else seen this?
2. Is this wormy stage a normal part of the process?
3. Any recommendation to get the fruit to develop?

I have been reading for hours on end many sources of information regarding the use of Imidacloprid  (Bayer Tree and Shrub, Admire-Pro etc) for the purpose of treating Citrus Leaf Miner. There is SO much CONFLICTING information BUT I did read information about the commercial uses of this product for fruit trees and vegetables grown in Florida. Despite what the label says I am well familiar that "off label use" doesn't always mean it will be harmful.
Can members with experience or knowledge about the use of this product on 'edibles' please share some insight. From what I walked away with is that it is reasonable to use this for a horrible infestation of leaf miner but it should be used when there are no blooms on the tree that could attract and harm bees, that the imidacloprid is not well absorbed into the fruit so it is just as safe as the fruit and veggies grown commercially here in Florida that are treated with Admire Pro and it should only be used as a soil drench and can be used for potted citrus trees ( but don't overdo it-use low concentrations. I am leaning towards using it because the miners are destroying my trees but feel a bit conflicted.
Thanks for all opinions and insights.

Here is a nice picture of the group (not including me because I am the photographer  :D )
It was a great afternoon of Mango tasting, Jackfruit sampling and an awesomely delicious introduction to the Abiu.
I want to say a big thanks to Harry for his generosity in sharing his time and his property full of fruit trees with us.
I am happy to brag that today I grafted 7 pieces of Budwood Of the SUPER CARRIE aka Harry-Carrie (6 onto my Carrie tree and 1 onto my Keitt-just to see if a different rootstock makes a different)
I also did 2 epicotyl grafts from the budwood of  Harry's-- Black Gold x Tabouey JAckfruit.
I am really looking forward to reporting on the outcome of these grafting efforts.
Harry Thanks  again for sharing to make this possible and all your generosity!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pantin Mamey Sapote
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:51:35 PM »
Has anyone successfully fruited a mamey sapote grown in a large container??
I was thinking about trying to grow a Pantin in a 45 gal container but if it will not fruit in a container I guess I will put my efforts in another direction.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Granadilla
« on: June 14, 2012, 04:23:25 PM »
One of the girls I work with is from Colombia and was going crazy on and on about this granadilla.
I have never heard of it before and and having difficulty finding out much about it.
1. Can it be grown easily from seed?
2. What is the growth habit assuming it can grow and produce fruit in South Florida?
3. Anyone know here can I get a plant to surprise her with?
Thanks for helping :)

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Atemoya Budwood/Plants
« on: June 12, 2012, 05:49:54 PM »
I am planning to attempt to graft an atemoya cocktail tree. I am interested in obtaining Lisa, Geffner, African Pride scions/budwood or other variety if it is proven productive with outstanding fruit.  I can drive anywhere up  to 1 1/2hrs from Deerfield Beach for pick up or I can send a self addressed/stamped package for mailing with reasonable cost.
Or maybe someone local is selling  reasonably priced plants big enough to harvest some scions from---
(calling Jeff Hagen??....)

JUST an FYI. If you live close to the West Boca Area. Western Beef on 441/ SR-7 in Sandlefoot has Rambutan < from Guatemala (non-irradiated)>  for only $2.99 per pound!! And LOTS of it!! They even had pretty girls offering customers all you can eat samples!! Good thing my husband took a long time at the deli counter....It was a good excuse to hangout with the girls and eat Rambutan for lunch :) I took the easy way out and just bought the whole 5# prepacked shipping box.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First Jackfruit of the Season-awesome
« on: May 29, 2012, 09:01:33 PM »
Had my first Jackfruit of the season. Picked it already ripened on the tree. It is from a J-31. The fruit to rag ratio was the best I have seen so far and very minimal latex. I almost wish I had weighed the components to get an exact ratio. I had a UFC fight night party at my house on Saturday night and left it whole on the table.... so many people were curious about it that I put Richard Campbell's book standing up next to it to let them answer their own questions. I got roped into cutting some of it up for a few friends to try and converted 2 or 3 into Jackfruit lovers! No one in my family will eat it besides me except one son so I love it when I can share this knowledge and expose newbies to the love of tropical fruit!

Dr. Iron 8% Iron Chelate Liquid
It can be used as a foliar spray or soil drench

I don't like ordering new products without checking to see if other members have tried it before.

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Fruit and Spice Park. The propagation lecture was very informative and entertaining Chris Rollins style. Kudos to Chris Rollins for freely sharing his knowledge and genuine passion for helping others learn what he loves to share.
Saw Maurice Kong there and a couple of other familiar faces from the the Miami Rare Fruit Council. It was my first time to the fruit and spice park but there was not enough time left to explore the park, so I have added a trip back down there onto my to-do-list. I gained lots of useful information and can't wait to see how my newly grafted Bailey's Marvel progresses. The grafting portion mainly focused on Loquat, Mango and Canistel-  Never made it to the annonas. Now I just need to find out the timing & how to identify what characteristics to look for in selecting the best budwood for annonas as I want to graft these Cherimoya seedlings I have. ( a shout out to Noel Ramos- a brain picking may be coming your way  ;D )
I highly recommend this lecture!

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