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Tropical Fruit Discussion / FL wind damage - please help me save my lychee
« on: December 17, 2023, 09:51:43 AM »
Hello, the wind was no joke here in SW FL last night- my sweetheart lychee's main trunk split.  I removed the damaged branch but I am hoping I can reassemble the trunk similar to a graft.  All Temporarily I used what I had this morning to hold it together for now.

What should I do?  I'm limited to what I'll be able to pick up at Lowes or Home Depot today.  I am hoping I can save it, even without 1/3 of the tree it still has a reasonable structure and will hopefully have a good life ahead of it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Hawaiian papaya results in FL
« on: September 27, 2023, 10:30:25 PM »
I took a shot at growing Waimanalo and Improved Sunrise here in Pinellas County, FL.  I have always enjoyed eating these solo papayas but have never really been a fan of the Red Lady or similar.

They are producing tasty fruit.  Some of them have been tiny, some have been reasonably sized and a few have been similar in size to those grown in Hawaii.   A lot of the small ones have been from a female plant so perhaps some of this is expected.

Several of the fruit are not the most beautiful things on the outside- seems like mostly black spot vs. ringspot virus at this point but I'm not expert.  To date this has been cosmetic only and doesn't affect the actual fruit.

For me, the jury is still out and I'm on the fence of starting some new plants to replace these.  (They're getting tall and will be 2 years old so I'm sure old age, virus and disease will be coming.)  I've proven they can do "OK" here but I feel they're not performing up to their genetic potential.  My timing was also bad as we were moving and I had them in pots for too long (planted seeds Feb 2022 and put in ground Sept 2022) so I'm wondering if I can improve on some things next time around.

Have you grown Hawaiian/solo papayas here in FL?  What has your experience been?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / cultivars, nobody knows
« on: June 03, 2023, 08:25:31 PM »
So, I have pretty much decided to stop asking the cultivar of tropical fruit that is for sale.  Over the years I've found that the few people that know what they're selling will usually label it, and the other 95% have no idea.

We have a great Asian themed farmers market here in Pinellas County.  I bought a jackfruit recently from "The Jackfruit King."  By all measures, it seems to be a significant operation, a custom-branded box truck filled with Jackfruit.  They looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked them what variety of Jackfruit it was.  Based on taste and appearance though I'd say they're selling multiple varieties.

This is true of almost every vendor at every farmers market, fruit stand, etc. I've ever visited.  Also we used to live on Kauai and nobody knew what they had there, either.  There are definitely a few exceptions here and there and of course if your'e trading fruits with fellow gardeners it is a different story also.

Not a big deal in the scheme of things- I'm usually happy enough to find fresh tropical fruit and in some cases I can identify the more distinctive cultivars myself.  What is your experience where you live?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / should I pull these pineapples apart?
« on: February 16, 2023, 07:17:23 PM »
I ordered several small white sugarloaf pineapple slips last fall.  I've been growing them in pots with the plan to put them in the ground this spring.  I've noticed that several of them actually appear to be multiple plants now.

Should I separate these out before putting them in the ground, or plant them as is?

BTW I am new to growing pineapples but fell in love with Kauai white sugarloafs so I wanted to grow some.  Therefore I'm not sure if the brown leaves are leaf obsolesence, or disagreement with the winter but they seem to be back off the races now.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Papaya leaf curl virus?
« on: October 26, 2022, 06:59:05 PM »
Per my research I fear that this is leaf curl virus...  is there anything else it could be?  It seems to have just started and has affected the last few leaves the plants have put out.

These are Hawaiian varieties that I'm growing- or trying to grow- here in SW FL.  I have not found much about this virus being a problem in FL.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Is it dead?
« on: August 12, 2022, 03:53:55 PM »
I put this jackfruit in the ground in the spring but some recent changes in landscaping required me to relocate it last weekend.  I suspected it might struggle with the shock of the whole thing.

Should I just replace it or wait it out?  It is not dead yet but I do not know if it is dying all the way and just needs time to finish what it started or if it may come back?  It was healthy before this incident.

It is a MAI 1, grafted.  I will say I was surprised how little it had grown- I put a lychee, mango and sapodilla in at the same time nearby and they’ve all had multiple large growth flushes.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / need help deciding where to put things
« on: October 12, 2020, 01:29:27 PM »
Hello, hoping to solicit some expert advice.  We are building a new home (Pinellas County) and I want to identify locations for the trees I have in mind so that it doesn't conflict with irrigation plans or anything else.

The major trees on my list are:
  • Alano Sapodilla
  • Pickering Mango
  • Cogshall Mango
  • Sweetheart Lychee
  • Jackfruit (smaller cultivar TBD, suggestions?)
  • Malyan coconut palm

Vendor descriptions of cultivars are a hard thing to build a long term plan on.  For example,  right now we have a Carrie Mango that is huge yet descriptions would make someone think otherwise.  Had we planted it close to our house we would have a major problem by now.

Any general thoughts?  The back two corners and front left corner seem to be decent candidates for larger trees which I think would be the jackfruit and lychee.  My hope is that Pickering, Cogshall and Alano will be smaller trees but I really want to plan for the future and can scrap something or change cultivars if I'm going to be constantly battling and stressing over  tree size problems.

There will not too much else to consider in landscaping.  I have several plumeria (smaller Jungle Jack cultivars) that will go in the ground but they can go anywhere.  I also have a couple of dragon fruit trellises but again those can go anywhere.

Thanks in advance.  I don't expect anyone here to design my landscape for me but even some high level thoughts or considerations would really help me out.

Hi all, we are building a new home in unincorporated Pinellas County.  It is a custom homebuilder on a lot we own vs. a subdivision.  For a lot of our size the county requires 3 shade trees and 3 accent trees.  I am sure some pointed haired bureaucrat that has probably never been in a garden in his life has come up with the list of "approved" trees soon after moving here from a cold weather climate.

The only two fruit trees on the shade tree list are avocado and lychee, but conveniently both of which were already of interest to me.  Of course they don't mention cultivar, but they do say the trunk has to be 2 inches in diameter.   Getting either of these trees at that size would cost a small fortune? Probably 60 gallon size or something?

Wondering if anyone has gone through his process in Pinellas.  Do they sent out an inspector or do anything beyond reviewing the landscaping plan?  I was hoping to include a Jackfruit and Sapodilla trees as well, but of course they're not on the list.

I wonder if it would be easier to just let the builder's landscaper put in whatever generic, standards compliant junk they need to make us legal and dig it up after we move in and replace with whatever we want.  I was hoping to avoid that because it seems like a waste of money but OTOH it may not be worth fighting it.

As an aside, no fruit trees are on the accent tree list but they do include plumeria of which I have several I've been container growing that I was hoping to utilize, although those have a 1 1/2" trunk requirement and I probably don't meet that either.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / dragon fruit branching
« on: June 02, 2020, 01:33:52 PM »
Hey all, I've got a few dragon fruit cuttings that earlier this year peeked out above their 5 ft trellis.  e.g. Delight, Haley's Comet, American Beauty.  I was surprised that when I pruned the tops, on most I only got one new branch.  With the no-name cuttings I grew before, I'd get several new branches.  Lots of sun and proper care and plants look good otherwise.

Now, the singular new branches are getting rather long- one is several feet.  Should I prune those too and hope for more branches this time?  And/or will the plant eventually branch out from the old prune point (even if it has been several months since pruning?)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / misidentified dragon fruit- advice?
« on: August 03, 2019, 05:01:35 PM »
Hi all, two years ago I bought a dragon fruit at Lowes that didn't have a variety name but it did have the grower's name.  I emailed the grower and they said it was Hylocereus undatus, Vietnamese Jaina.

I've had a world of trouble getting it to fruit, even with hand pollination.  Dozens of flowers have just fallen off.  We just got our first runt (an understatement - that is a tiny dessert size paper plate it is on) fruit but it was enough for me to tell that it sure as heck isn't Vietnamese Jaina.  Deep, deep red inside.

So who knows what it is but maybe this explains a few things.  Do I need a separate pollinator?  Can the pollinator be a plant started from a cutting of this same plant, or should it be a different cultivar altogether?  Appreciate any tips or advice!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / handling caterpillars on passion fruit
« on: June 17, 2018, 10:09:50 AM »

Caterpillar problem on my passion fruit vine- I smash them when I see them but I'm clearly not getting them all.

I have a few different Bayer products that I've used on my fruit trees, but none of them indicate they are for passion fruit expect for a Bayer Advanced fruit specific product that contains Imidacloprid.  Will a systemic like this work for caterpillars or do I need some sort of foliar spray that will kill on contact.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / best setup for growing passion fruit
« on: April 01, 2018, 03:38:48 PM »
I picked up a small purple possum at Jene's yesterday.  The spot I have in mind is adjacent to a 20' run of 6' picket fence.  My neighbors previously had an ornamental red passion vine (several, actually) on this fence and eventually it became quite a mess... rather untrained and eventually developed  lot of thatch underneath.  One issue was that there really wasn't anything to support it except the top of the fence.

I'd like to do something to keep the new vine a little more organized this time.  I was thinking about running some guide wire along the fence, maybe two or three horizontal runs stood off from the fence by a few inches.  Or, I was considering creating some type of wire grid on maybe just one of the 6' wide fence panels.  I have no problem spending time during throughout the week to train the vine but I'd (1) of course like it to do very well and (2) like to set up some sort of structure that is most conducive to managing it.

Comments or other ideas (or photos!) appreciated...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Promising year for a St. Pete Carrie
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:24:58 PM »
I never had a good fruit yield from this tree until last year.  I also never sprayed with copper until last year because I didn't think it needed it... so not sure if it is coincidence but I'll certainly be spraying every year from now on.  This year looks to be the highest yield yet.  Tons of fruit the size shown below and in my experience only a low percentage of fruit that make it this size will drop prematurely.

This is after a narrow brush with disaster this winter when it get down to 31 degrees one night.    A few patches of leaves/terminal ends got burned but nothing major.  Whew...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / please help ID this makok's ailment
« on: January 02, 2013, 06:01:52 PM »
Hello all,

My first guess would be cold damage or some sort of leaf burn?  However, the tree has not encountered anything near dangerous temps... high 40's at the worst.  I should mention that the tree has a heavy set of fruit that is rapidly maturing.  Early on, I did thin some fruit, maybe from around 50 down to 30.  I am wondering if that is still too much stress on a young tree?   (It is 3-4 years old, about 6" tall or so.)

Many thanks,

Tropical Fruit Discussion / thinning a makok sapodilla?
« on: October 14, 2012, 12:02:56 PM »
Hello all,

My Makok has approximately 50 fruit.  I think this may be too many for it, based on what I have read.  While I am not interested in making the tree grow larger, I do want the fruit to be of decent size and I know Makok have small fruit to begin with.

What do you recommend?  I was thinking of thinning the larger clusters down to one or two fruit.  Perhaps, leaving a variety of sizes so that I'll have fruit for a longer part of the season?  What is a good target number for a container tree of this size?

When I bought the tree last December it had a couple small fruit that eventually ripened in August.  These fruit are already larger and it is only October so I'm guessing I might have fruit from early summer onward?


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