Author Topic: Does culture a/o feeding affect flavor/sweetness of Kwai Muk fruits?  (Read 206 times)


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After reading several of the Kwai Muk threads plus the most recent one wondering about varieties of Kwai Muk (Artocarpus parvus) and at least one comment about the flavor of the fruits from different individuals, I'm prompted to ask if anything is known about whether culture and/or feeding of this species affects the fruits' flavor.  And even possibly the climate or soil in which the tree is being grown . . .  Or could it even be simply how ripe the fruit is when consumed?

This may be a longshot bevy of questions but still, someone may know something since there are now more folks trying to grow this species.

Just curious . . . .

Paul M.
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Re: Does culture a/o feeding affect flavor/sweetness of Kwai Muk fruits?
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I haven't fruited Kwai Muk specifically. However, in my experience culture, nutrition, climate, soil, and ripeness of fruit all can influence quality and flavor.  Sweetness of fruit can differ on the same tree depending on a combination of factors.  I find that often later fruit on the same tree and season will be better.  You can also have years where tree produces amazing fruit and same tree produce average fruit in other years.  I don't judge quality of a plant on just one season's harvest.



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