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Tropical Fruit Discussion / VyVy's collection
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:16:34 PM »
Not much, hopefull in a few months I will have more, especially after learning how to graft from the Socal grafting party :)

Atemoya (Israel/Australian)

june plum

fuji apple


sugar apple (Thai lessard)

recently purchased Cherimoya for grafting


green tea

barbados cherry

not sure what to call this (some kind of guave)

today's purchase from Scala nursery
Sour star fruit, Hawaiian papaya and Meiwa

one of my favorite jasmin (Madagascar jasmin)

Hello friends

I have never done it before, but so interested in grafting sugar apple and atemoya into cherimoya root stock

My questions are:

1. how big does the root stock have to be ? I did research, it said size of a pencil. But one of an former nursery owner told my friend it has to be as big as a big toe

2. Should I wait until Spring (march - april) to graft ?

3. If anyone as a photo of the scion for sugar apple and/or atemoya, would you please post it up, because I am not sure which part I can use, how long does it need to be, does it have to be fully mature  (as it should be in brown color, not green any more)

Thank you so much for all of your help
any tip is greatly appreciated

I have a few plants of very strong and healthy june plum (5 gallons) & sugar apple ( 5 Gallons), they should be blooming next year. Anyone from southern CA wants to trade ?

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