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Looking for key lime seeds

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I'd like to grow key limes from seed, but I had no luck finding key lime or seeds in Hungary. I've thought about buying seeds in eBay, but I don't know if I can trust the sellers there (I'm afraid of getting other type of seeds or dried, unviable seeds), and I've read somewhere that it's not advisable to buy seeds from Asia because of the citrus greening disease. I'm also interested in limequat seeds if someone has them.
Is there any  trustworthy place where I can buy the mentioned seeds? If someone could send me seeds, I would pay happily of course.

Can you buy key lime fruit there?  It is common in grocery stores in the US. 

Also, I think the greening disease is spread by insects and would not be a risk from imported seed. 

I believe the only diseases that can be transmitted by seed are psoriasis, citrus leaf blotch virus, and variegated chlorosis.  As Brian asked, have you looked in the food stores.  Key Limes are extremely common in the supermarkets.  Key limes are among the fastest to produce fruit from a planted seed.  When yo plant a Key Lime seed you can expect fruit in the second year. - Millet

Yes, I've looked in several supermakets, but I've only found seedless limes (I believe persian limes) in every store I've been.

I'll look in our supermarket for some Key Limes.  I'll post tomorrow and let you know if the supermarket has any, I don't think it should be a problem.  If so I'll buy some and send you the seeds.  If every thing turns out, you can send me you address tomorrow. - Millet


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