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Wanted (in EU): Scions of any of these nine cultivars


Still looking for a few cultivars to complete my collection, please let me know if you can send me a scion from any of these :)

- Clemyuz-22
- Satsuma Corsica SRA 145
- Bloomsweet / kinkoji
- Nansho Daidai (taiwanica)
- Taichang Lemon (taiwanica x ichang)
- Yuzu N30 Hybrid
- Yuzukichi
- Yuzu Nishiki Tada / Tanaka Mukaku Yuzu
- Ventura Lemandarin

Here you can see my spreadsheet with my collection progress:

I can try to trade you scions of cultivars that I have, but my plants are mostly very young so it's not always possible. Hopefully next year and after I will have most of these cultivars available to ship scions to people within Europe.


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