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ADMIN NOTE: This Google Chrome Extension is not endorsed or supported by or its Administrators. Use at your own risk.

Version 1.0.1 is here, and with it comes:
- searching by location
- searching by user
- theferns digitized button
- youtube videos are automatically embedded
- user fruit preferences added
- internal alerts for future updates

Now if you're unsure about a fruit, you can check theferns for references and information, search for growers in your area that may know a thing or two already, or if an experienced member answers/what topics someone frequents
I was reading some of the comments regarding the website's search function and got inspired... a month or so later here we are!

(the yellow dot is from the recording software, not the extension)
TFF Search Extension adds 3 features:

Searching by title
Searching by comment
and using the website search from within the main page!
And even some cool animations  8)

This is currently only available for the 'Tropical Fruit Discussion' board. Search results are sent to my server and handled; no stress on the tropicalfruitforum server!


1) Download the files ("Download all" in top right corner) and save to desktop or wherever is convenient for you

2) Open Google Chrome and click the 3 vertical dots (Top Right Corner)

3) Go to Extensions > Manage Extensions

4) Enable "Developer Mode" (Top Right Corner)

5) Click "Load unpacked" (Top Left), highlight the TFF EXT folder from your desktop, and click "Select Folder" (Bottom Right)


1) Delete the TFF EXT file

2) Open Google Chrome and click the 3 vertical dots (Top Right Corner)

3) Go to Extensions > Manage Extensions

4) Click 'Remove'

5) Follow the Installation Instructions from step 1 with a fresh download

And that's it! Enjoy  ;D
To open the search, click the new arrow button after opening the tropical fruit discussion page.
If you need any help with installing or have any questions ask away!

also the date filters based on the last post because I figured that would be more useful, but if people want it to be a true thread was only 'active from x to y' then I can do that!

i.e. setting the date to January 2023 - July 2023 and searching 'mango' would show all mango threads with the most recent comment being within those last 6 months, NOT show all threads that were started from january 2023 to now

More features coming soon : )

Rooted 12” - Yellow Dragonfruit for $20 includes shipping

left with 2 growth shoots you can choose between cutting again into 6” or growing from there

Hi I have a single 11" Dragonfruit 'Neon' variety cutting that I'd like to sell for $20,
Unrooted, $20 includes shipping, US only (plan on shipping with USPS). Will cut and ship first thing tomorrow morning if someone wants it!

(the thick one)
PM! Thanks

Hi I have a trifoliate orange tree that id like to graft a bunch of different citrus onto, I’m thinking kumquat, orange, lemon, lime so far, but really I’d like to load it up. 8b

what have y’all personally grafted to trifoliate orange that worked well?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Smallest airlayer you got to work?
« on: June 01, 2023, 09:11:47 PM »
Hey I really wanna try airlayering on some of my plants but I fear they are too young

Online says 1/4th inch diameter but preferably 1/2 inch, do those numbers sound about right?
If anyone has pictures would also be greatly appreciated


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Can you airlayer a cactus?
« on: May 30, 2023, 12:06:33 PM »
I'm not sure if the question has been asked before but I couldn't find much in the search, has anyone ever air layered a cactus?

Hi everyone, if you saw my last comment on the post about dropshipping, I am getting closer to making live.
I hope you like it, I've spent a HUGE amount of time on this project and would love feedback!

Here is a storefront (Shoutout Jaboticaba45):
and here is the main page: link died:

since my last update, I've changed some things including:
- added menus to individual shops
- added calendar function
- added some artwork
- embedded digitized dashboard under 'Projects' at the bottom of the page

main things I'm still working on (in order of priority):
- optimizing website for mobile viewing
- adding a button to sign up for email updates for specific vendors
- auction tab
- animations / making some of them smoother lol

as well as cleaning up the store and getting the Plants and Deals tab filled out as more vendors sign up

In return for having a place on my website without paying the $39/month in shopify and dealing with all the backend management, newsletters for your store at no cost to you, your plants showing up as recommended/related when customers visit other shops in the website, links to your social media/other stores i.e. etsy, shopify, etc, and SEO on your products to boost organic traffic, I only ask for 5% of the revenue on an order after shopify has taken their 2.9% + 30c cut!

If you are interested in joining as a vendor: Please text me at 214-663-4410 or email me at
the following information for each product:

- at least 1 picture (or more!)
- a name (including cultivar information)
- a price
- a quantity
- a weight OR a flat shipping rate
- any descriptions/notes that you'd like to add (or can leave blank)

for more details on submitting your products and the breakdown of a sale read this thread here:

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please ask!

Sorry if this post was kind of redundant; the next time you hear from me will be the live announcement  :)
Thanks for your time,
- Truman

Hi everyone!

For 5% of the revenue value of a sale:

I will host and market your plants/cuttings/seeds, write detailed product descriptions, webpage SEO, and send out emails highlighting your seeds/store/brand, new drops, promotions you decide to run, or products you’d like to promote

Sellers will have their own section on the website that displays their own products and linking to any external stores they’d like. Different sellers will be cross marketed under similar products (i.e, the “You may also like…” section of a website)

Sellers will also have an individual review tabs that can boost your reputation as trusted

If you’re interested:

1) Take a picture

Choose a photo that highlights your plant. It MUST have good lighting and resolution, and it MUST be your own photography — No exceptions!

Sending a photo can be as easy as texting it to me at 214-663-4410 or emailing; I’ll move the photos and work from there

2) Decide on a price

Shopify charges 30c + 2.9% for the basic tier. If this gets off the ground and I can afford the second tier, that number would become 2.7%, or 2.4% for the highest tier

Let’s walk through an example. If someone buys $100 worth of seeds,
Shopify keeps 2.90 + .30 = $3.20,
I get .05*96.8 = $4.84
You get $91.96

3) Decide on shipping

If you’re selling seeds or cuttings, weigh a couple and write down the average weight. This will be used to automatically calculate shipping at checkout and create a label.

If you’re selling plants or trees, decide on a shipping price per item that makes sense for you. This shipping price should be decided based on the weight of the item and the box you ship it in. Account for possibly shipping it across the US.

4) Decide on stock

Choose a number that you can reliably have on hand. If you have 50 seeds, commit 20 to the store. That way if someone were to buy out the store, we won’t have to refund them for seeds you may have already sold

5) Submit!

Whether you text or email me the pictures, include steps 1-4 for each product that you submit.

While in the future I want to work toward the seeds hub idea, I’m ready to dropship your plants!

If you have any questions or concerns please ask, thanks for your time : )
- Truman

I know it's not really tropical fruit but I was watering a guava when I first saw it so maybe that counts for something?  ;)

anyway, enjoy some iphone action shots this divebombing butterfly. Such strange behavior, I've never seen anything like it

Hi, I really want to start my own seed website, but I want a more Amazon (ba dum tss) type store to spotlight the members here on the forum. The business proposition is simple

Supply me the seeds (I’ll pay for shipping)

Add them to the store, Inspect them before shipping, answer emails, approve refunds, disinfect, package appropriately, flyers etc… everything you’d need for a fully functioning storefront

Get 15% of Profit

While this may sound like I’m becoming competition with other users on the forums, here are my goals that I hope to accomplish:

- Visibility. Create a stable customer base outside of tropicalfruitforums to highlight the sellers that make this website so great. That includes big and small names alike.

- Small-time sellers can get flooded with messages or TFFs old code can bug out. Modern storefronts are reliable and part of the 15% is for fast response times and quality customer service

- Set it and forget it. Sellers can worry about things that matter more to them instead of being bogged down in packaging items or replying to emails

- Bundling. Whereas buyers may have to choose between one or another seller because of multiple shipping charges, one centralized hub would let buyers mix and match.

If any of this sounds appealing to you as a seed seller, please message me or comment your thoughts on the proposal! Hope I’m not stepping on any toes, I see a real benefit to it!

Thanks for your consideration,
- Truman

be it a tree that doesn’t perform well, subpar taste, too picky over the environment, or just takes up too much space… what’s a fruit that you regret adding to your collection?

For instance I know some people say planting syzygium because of all the dropped flower materials, or hackberry trees can be messy with all the berries that drop on the ground and get walked over

Hi everyone, one of my friends is in hawaii and offered to bring me home some seeds if he runs into any fruit; looking online gives me a lot of information about shipping but not really much about how to go about taking it on the airplane. It says 'all .... seeds must be declared' but does anyone know how arduous a process that is?

Is it a quick 5 minute thing as you're checking your bags in, or is it complicated?
If it's gonna take a lot of time I think I'll just tell him to hold off, airports are already stressful enough


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Rank These Guavas!
« on: April 20, 2023, 01:27:42 PM »
After seeing the PGA post get so much love, I've been looking a lot more into psidiums. For those that have tasted these, could you rank based on two factors: taste, and productivity

Also if anyone has recommendations of bushy, small guavas that'd be cool. Thanks!

- Ruby Pink
- Mexican Cream
- Strawberry (cattleyanum)
- Lemon (littorale)
- longipetiolatum
- robustum

Again I'm not really versed at all in guavas, opinions welcome!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Low Stress Training Starfruit
« on: April 04, 2023, 05:22:18 PM »
Hey everyone, did another experiment using some common weed growing tricks on starfruit and its performing extremely well. I'm sure weed only popularized the technique and it's been around for far longer but wow; didn't expect this much instant growth. (the bent down stem was originally the only growth point)

Everything that isn't bent down is 2 weeks old maximum. Try it out!

Hey everyone, I'm making this thread after learning that Gamboge, or the sap from Garcinia species, will forever go down in history as the substance that proved Brownian Motion.

For those not well versed on Brownian Motion, Gamboge essentially proved the existence of the 'atom'. Before that fateful experiment, we didn't even know if atoms were real. Pretty cool right?
Another great example is the Madagascar Periwinkle flower; it produces vinblastine, a chemotherapy drug for lymphoma that gave my grandfather an extra decade.

Anyone else have some interesting fruit/plant facts with connections to science?

Hi everyone,
My name is Truman, and I've managed shopify eCommerce stores for going on 4 years now. You may have seen my work over at!

If you want specifics on the quality of my work please PM, but as a taste, In 2022 the collective total sales from stores I've helped crossed $1,000,000 and I'm aiming for 2M this year! (P.s. please don't get me wrong, I don't make commission from anything I work on -- just goes to show people like it :))

What I offer:

One and Done:
- Shopify Store Creation - $800 total -- $300 down, $500 on completion.
- Shopify Store Redesign - $600 total -- $300 down, $300 on completion.

- Consultation - $25/session -- $25 discount on Creation/Redesign if purchased
- Email Newsletters - $20/mail -- Email is drafted by me, you are only charged when greenlighting the email.
- Search Engine Optimization - $20/10 pages -- Rounded down (i.e. 59 pages -> charged for 50 pages, not 60)
- Sales Channel Optimization - $60/channel -- Common channels include: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, Microsoft, Shop (Shopify's Market Platform), and many more.

The first consultation is subtracted from the down payment if you choose to move forward with me, however further consultations will not increase the discount.
If you think the prices are too high, please reach out to me for negotiation. I will say though, the discounts here are approximately 50% to a whopping 75% off what I typically charge depending on the service.

Currently offering a $10 consultation for the next few days to members of TFF if this post garners any interest.
 If you're interested, please PM me! All you need is a business website, or tell me some backstory about what you sell.

If you're a small time seed seller looking to make the leap toward modern business practices, I may be able to help  :) Text me at 214-663-4410
Thanks for your consideration!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Anyone post plants on instagram?
« on: March 15, 2023, 05:39:31 PM »
Hey if anyone uses instagram I wanted to start posting pictures of plants, drop yours!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fruits with Side Effects
« on: March 13, 2023, 09:57:58 AM »
Hey everyone, I was very surprised to learn that loquats contain a sedative that will make you very sleepy if you eat too many!
Does anyone else have some cool examples/side effects of the chemistry in fruit?

Here are some others I've thought of:
- Grapefruit affecting medication (it blocks a super important digestive enzyme)
- Starfruit and Caramboxin
- Annonas and Acetogenins
- Garcinias are pretty famous for making that weight-loss drug that caused liver failure

Any other interesting ones?

I see so many different options and I read a thread that said taste varies quite a bit, what does nance taste like?

Going to be in michoacan, more specifically patzcuaro for maybe even the whole month of may; Anyone have some suggestions on things near by?

Hey everyone, I'm Truman, I'm 22, I'm an actuary, but I really want to make a living doing something in the fruit world.

I love garcinias, but prices online are insane! I'm looking to start a business that focuses on only garcinia seedlings; I love watching them grow.
Would anyone like to partner up with me as a seed supplier? I'd heavily prefer to focus on only garcinias to maintain best growing conditions and specialize in what we offer

Here's how I envision this business model works:
- You supply seeds
- I supply water, electricity, soil, pots, boxes, labels
- I maintain the online shop/customer questions/orders
- We split the profits

If this sounds appealing to you please PM! If you have any questions about who I am, where I'm located, pics of the setup, my past experience with ecommerce or marketing, any questions or concerns etc. just let me know! Or text me with your username 214-663-4410. Let's grow some plants 🤝

edit: if anyone is on the fence please consider it  ;D

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Interesting general rootstock ideas
« on: February 17, 2023, 05:11:57 PM »
Hey everyone; the idea of rootstocks were unknown to me before I got into this world but are very interesting to me. Some ones that I've heard about while browsing the forums so far include yangmei on wax myrtle, loquat on quince, pomegranate on crepe myrtle, all the types of stonefruits, citrus, .. what are some interesting grafting options for rootstock plants that are a bit easier to come by, bonus points if its cold adapted

Tropical Fruit Discussion / How exactly does cross-breeding work?
« on: February 14, 2023, 04:01:38 PM »
I feel like this is such an amateur question but we all gotta start somewhere;

When you cross, does the fruit come out looking/tasting/tell you anything about the crossed variety? Or does look like a normal fruit and just the seeds are altered? Or is it case by case where different species react differently to crossing

Thanks so much, would appreciate anyone sharing their introduction to breeding/how they got started

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Which fruit trees are ok with being 'buried'?
« on: February 12, 2023, 08:53:57 PM »
So with other plants in the garden, if they grow too lanky and fall over you can 'bury' the stem and they'll root higher up giving the plant a lot more support; but I've never heard of anyone doing this with fruit trees. I have an achacha that is starting to fall over and want to just add 2 inches of soil but I don't know my gut says no

Does anyone know if there is a more scientific name of what I'm describing?

Hi, I thought it'd be a fun experiment to see what 2 plants look like side by side; one with water from my tap, one with water from RO filter. The results were pretty obvious soon into the experiment, but I let it run on to get a better idea of what it can do your plants

If you have issues similar to this, get an RO filter!

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