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List of seeds available for trade, updated 7/7/12.

Cashew                 Anacardium occidentale
Sugar Apple           Annona squamosa
Wild Coffee Bean   Bauhinia petersiana    *NEW*
Num Num               Carrisa bispinosa
Jackal-berry          Diospyros mespiliformis
Puzzle Bush           Ehretia rigida
Small-Leaved Coca Tree   Erythroxylum delagoense     *NEW*
Cape Ebony           Euclea pseudebenus
Chinese Waterberry   Flueggea virosa
Kokum                  Garcinia indica
White Raisin Tree   Grewia bicolor
Climbing Raisin Bush   Grewia caffra    *NEW*
Brandybush           Grewia flava
Giant Raisin Bush   Grewia hexamita
White Crossberry Tree   Grewia tenax
Rhino Coffee          Kraussia floribunda
Natal Medlar         Lagynias lasiantha
Forest Milkberry      Manilkara discolor
African Lily             Massonia depressa
Moringa                Moringa oleifera (pkm-I)
Phantom Tree          Moringa ovalifolia
Curry Tree             Murraya koenigii
Tortoise Berry          Nylandtia scoparia
Tortoise Berry           Nylandtia spinosa
Black Ironwood Tree   Olea capensis
Jacket Plum            Pappea capensis
Amla                     Phyllanthus emblica
Waxberry               Pollichia campestris
African Bush Grape   Rhoicissus tomentosa
Karoo Boer Bean   Schotia afra
Drunken Parrot Tree   Schotia brachypetala
Marula                  Sclerocarya birrea
Coffee Bean Strychnos   Strychnos henningsii     *NEW*
Black Monkey Orange    Strychnos madagascarensis
Spiny Monkey Orange    Strychnos spinosa        *NEW*
African Blueberry   Vaccinium Exul
Ashwaganda          Withania somnifera
Jujube                   Ziziphus zizyphus

Current Wants:
Kwai Muk
Known papaya cultivars
Fresh coffee seeds

Always look forward to trades.  Most of these are also available on ebay under username ambers_edibles.  Don't buy seeds on ebay though since we much prefer to trade or work better arrangements for fellow forumites.


Hi Carraig, welcome to this forum it is always good to see more familar cultivators from the yahoo site...

Thanks Soren!  I always enjoy doing trades with you!  This is a great forum.

Updated with new varieties.

Carraig; for your information Strychnos spinosa is one of the highly recommended species but hard to locate here in Uganda!


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