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South Florida Big Box Stores Raise Prices

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pj1881 (Patrick):
I was recently in Home Depot here in West Palm Beach looking at their sickly tropical fruit trees and found out that they have raised their prices.

They used to sell their three gallon assorted trees for $29 (mango, avocado, sugar apple, barbados cherry, white sapote, mamey, etc..) but have recently upped the pricing to $36.95! Wholesale nurseries here and in Miami Dade have also raised pricing as well which in turn will eventually drive prices higher at the retail counter.

I assume Home Depot and Lowes have finally come to terms with the reality that providing a one-year warranty on fruit trees to an uneducated public has gotten too costly.  Either way the value of buying from retail nurseries cannot be matched in terms of customer service and variety.  The only bright side of the business lost to HD and Lowes is that the trees dont originate from overseas and more plantings occur by non-obsessive collectors like ourselves!

The price has been 35+ for a while in HD.  I do IT and accounting consulting for the company that supplied them when the price was 29 or less.  The price change came when they switched suppliers.   Maybe the price hike would have come anyway, if they had stayed with my customer.  Also, I believe the supplier really provides the 1 year warranty, so for the big box the transaction is just an interest free loan. 

pj1881 (Patrick):
So it probably is the refund policy that led to the suppliers raising the prices.

My guess would be the raise in minimum wage and continued high price of diesel fuel.  Payroll and fuel are their biggest expenses.

I can vouch that So Cal Lowes and Home Depot has raised their prices also. Manilla mangoes used to be $19.99. Now they are $23ish. Not much, but still.


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