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Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumixama - Brazilian Cherry


Harvested today. Seeds available for trade.


Mike T:
They look good Carlos.

There is a variation of the yellow I see around here in nurseries called an orange.They taste the same as yellows to me and look pretty similar.

Yes, they come in 2 colors yellow and black.  These are pretty and delicious. Contact me off list and tell me how many seeds do you need.


Are there different varieties of these? Here Southern California these are sold as 5-6 ft plants at Home Depot. It's a home improvement store that sells mainly lumber, plumbing, electrical stuff with a little garden section.

I dont know named varieties, but these one at Home depot will probably taste as you can expect in Home depot, mines are DELICIOUS.  I am just eating them like regular cherries (with skin inclusive). No bad after taste at all.


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