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Variegated Jaboticabas, Yangmei, Lychee, Longan and Wampee

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Hello guys..

Havnt  seen you for a long time. Hope all of you are safe and healthy. I am back with plants and seeds.


1. Yangmei(Myrica Rubra), $2 each
Black carbon aka Biqi

2. Monk fruit, $2 each
300 times sweetness than sugar.

3. Yellow kadsura seeds, $3 each

Grafted Plants

A. Variegated Jobs

4. Sabara #1, $120

5.Sabara #2, $180

6.Red hybrid #1,$180

7.Red hybrid #2,$180

8.Escarlate, $180

9.Cononata, $230

B. Yangmei

10.Biqi aka black carbon, $70

11.Late Biqi, $90

12.Red Dongkui, $70

13.White Dongkui aka Pink Dongkui, $90

14.Wusu, $80

15.Crystal aka White yangmei, $80

16.Rose Red, $90

17. Black Ruilin aka Yingsi, $80

18. Early Yingsi, $90

19. Prince Anhai aka Ruansi, $80

20. Early Mutation, $90

C. Lychee

The most and best Varieties of lychees are in China

21. Chicken Mouth, $70

22. Fei Zi Xiao aka Fay Zee Siu or Smiling Concubines, $70

23. Bai Tang Ying, $80

24. Gui Wei aka Kwai Mi, $80

25. Nuo Mi Ci, $80

26. King of Lychee aka Erdon Lee, $90

27. Seedless lychee, $90

28. Guan Yin Lu, $100

29. Ling Feng Nuo, $100

30. Yue Zhou Hong, $100

31. Xian Jin Feng aka God's Gift, $100

32.Hanging Green, $100

33. Ice Lee, $120

D. Longan

34. Shi Xia aka Sik Ip, $70

35. Chu Liang, $70

36. Four season, $70

It will flower in one year after grafting, you can get the fruits 3-4 times a year, so named as Four season longan.

E. Wampee

37. Chicken Heart, $70

38. Seedless Wampee, $70

39. Sugar, $70

Sweet no sour

40. Purple Wampee, $70

41. Imperial Concubines, $70

42. Black Wampee, $70

About the size of Lychee, Longan and Wampee

The above prices dont include shipping cost.

About Shipping Carrier and risks

Option #1
7-10 days to arrive in USA,  I only guaranteen the package can be shipped out of China, not responsible for any other things, if the package is confiscated by China customs, I will resend or you will get the refund(excluding shipping costs).

Option #2
12-20 days to arrive in USA, I guaranteen if the package is confiscated by China or USA customs, I will resend or you will get the refund(excluding shipping costs), but not for Hawaii and Costa Rica and not responsible for any other things.

There are still risks for shipping oversea, please think about it before ordering.

Bareroot plants or plants with soil?

For Jabos, it is better to ship the plants with soil.

For Yangmei, Lychee, Longan and Wampee, if we can get them in the shortest possible time, bareroot plants are no problem in my experience. I shipped 16 bareroot plants of Lychee to CA in 2021, it took my friend about one week to receive them, most of them are still growing now.

About shipping cost

It does not only base on the weight, but also the volume, so i cant give you an exact  shipping cost, it can be a little more or less than what i told you. Anyway, any excess payment will be refunded and any deficiency repaid. Hope you understand.

PM me or contact with me through FB if interested!

Best regards


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Interested in Coronata and Scarlet

Bruk di net


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nice to see you again bro

Hello Jason,

Is Yangmai tropoically growable?


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