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Rare Bali Wani mango seeds for sale. Salak Gula Pasir/best in the world.

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Edit: Indonesian Postal service not allowing any seed shipments anymore unlike when I was able to ship in December. Nothing is available for sale anymore!

Edit: this section not available anymore.

now wani mango season. look for it

Addeed Balanese Wani mango seeds.


--- Quote from: DurianLover on December 20, 2022, 08:32:53 AM ---Also have durian Mon Thong seeds (one of the largest if not the largest durian variety in the world ), peanut butter fruit (taste like peanut butter ) mangosteen, rambutan seeds (excellent variety, flesh not sticking to a seed ). No price on these, make reasonable offer or request, I'll probably accept it.
Shipping $20 from Bali with Indonesian Post and tracking number. Durian seeds will likely be more than that depending on quantity.

--- End quote ---

Hey DurianLover, just a friendly reminder, it's a forum rule to put price on everything on this part of the forum if it's offered for sale, it's in the rules post.

Yeah feb should be  peak season for Mangifera caesia or syn. Mangifera wanii in Bali, there is a lot of different varieties, red skin, white, green and hybrids. Even a seedless one. Big small, round pear shaped.



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