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Seed Drop: Amazonas, Pouteria, Theobroma, Plinia, and a bunch of other goodies

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 I don't need seed sales to survive on a vacation and bring back what I want. It's only been 7 years since I took one anyway lol. I saw 1 seed of yours went up 5$. That's quite drastic if you ask me, not 1 cent. From15-20 is an additional 33% onto original price. All is good not trying to rustle your feathers but if you keep hiking the price up and up others will step in and you'll lose that high number and the sales. 2c

Lol. I didnít raise any prices. It was a joke. However if you let me know your real name instead of hiding behind a screen name I will happily raise prices just for you. I also donít need seed sales to survive in a vacation. Itís my job and it pays for the food in my families mouth. This isnít a hobby for me.
But you clearly didnít read my response and here just to troll. Since I donít know who you are, your contributions to this community have been limited so I donít need to waste my time with further correspondence. You didnít ruffle my feathersÖ my friends and I have had a good chuckle at you ďcouch explorersĒ who need to comment on things they know nothing about.
I didnít raise any prices and only advertised here on TFF and for those that signed up on my website. Already more than half sold out of the seeds I am allocating for sales and havenít even posted on Facebook yet. Thanks for your business advice. I will let my quality and reputation speak for themselves. Have you actually ever bought anything from me?

Whoa, sounds like you got completely rustled dude! No way I did that alone. What a classy individual you are provoking fights with customers over a price hike comment. I did make numerous purchases from you but won't be donating the small price for seeds to you any more slaphappyjoe. 😉 a troll you call me for browsing the for sale adds. I think your a greedy, pathetic, ill mannered loser that sounds like you've had too much steroids providing fights over the internet. That's a troll bubba.

Fliptop, good point and I struggle with what information to put. Some of the dwarf cerrado species we found can grow into larger bushes and trees with optimal growing conditions. I've seen "dwarf" cerrado species grow quite large in ground at growers in Sao Paulo.
From my experience both Annona and Myrtaceae can be kept and fruited in pots. With proper growing medium and pruning, many trees will fruit in 5 to 25 gallon pots.
Duguetia except for stenantha have all been bush like which is why I am very excited about this family.

With many of these species have never been grown before, it's hard to tell how they will perform here. Almost every fruit tree in the Amazon was a huge tree, however the Amazon is 365 growing environment. Those trees that can survive our winter are sure to have much less growth.

The Pouteria family have all been trees. I am hoping to be able to prune and keep in pot but I am early in my experiments. Feel free to hit me up and ask questions.

I donít really feel a way about Sellami. I liked his ethos and what he was doing when he popped on the scene, if anything. I think he got in over his head on multiple fronts and taking payments and not sending orders for months. When the whales started eating , he saw the $$$& & tried to chase it harder with the whole pay to play to be a part of his super special seed friends club.
I think some locals with internet saw the price he was getting for a single seed and perhaps felt undercut or taken advantage of, I donít know.

What I do know is he had to skedaddle Brazil post haste to save his ass one way or the other.
Always glad to have more quality rare seed sellers  and folks sharing the rare species around.

Same as Saffron man did with the Jaboís ( love him or hate him) , thereís now several ďboutiqueĒ Jabo nurseries. Ego and/or $$ got ahold of him for a spell also.

Love him or hate him if it wasnít for that guy we might not have the 4 or so great seed sources we have now in the USA. Do you know how much he gave back to the community where he collected the seeds? Let us know if you do. From what I have read on Facebook seems like most of the collectors down there in Brazil respect him.


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