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Seed Drop: Amazonas, Pouteria, Theobroma, Plinia, and a bunch of other goodies

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Thanks.  I value the discussion on pricing and can understand hesitation in purchasing.
Tim,  I think I understand your complaint…. I did raise the price on pouteria “tuturuba” here is why. That tree is in maranhao, Brazil. I sold out quickly of that seed and found a way to get the same exact tree seed, however I was in Colombia…. I figured out a way and got 30 more ..
Form that exact tree that I have personally tasted.  I figured 5 more dollars a per seed was worth it for those that really want it now.  If you would have emailed me instead of posting on my sales then I would have told you that and probably sell it to you at a discount.  I will able to get more seeds in the future and the price will go down.
For the rest who shared words of encouragement… I appreciate you all. if you know me personally then you know that it really didn’t bother me and just gave me another opportunity to share why I do things. 
The Tikuna are growing some pretty cool things now thanks to forum members.  palologrower hooked up some cool seeds that I got to share with them. Let’s all be friends again. But let’s shut down this thread.  Water under the bridge.

Yep ultimately the best feeling way to spend money is to spread it around to fruit friends , and all support each others ventures while propagating and growing more fruits.
I gonna find something I am excited to grow and send  Joe some money right now.

Just here to say Joe was killer on my last order and included extras which I was not expecting. It is amazing for me to get access to these species and seeds as a voracious collector and I don't have to fart around on eBay fighting people with far deeper pockets than I have.

This feels like a renaissance for Brazilian species of which I could only dream of acquiring just a few years back.

While there is some "wow, that's expensive!" sensations for some of the seeds he is selling, I think it's overall good pricing and is available in a way that is non-competitive. If you want them, you simply just go buy them. If they don't sell, I am sure he'll run a special and you can get them cheaper. If you're really patient, you can buy the seeds 5-10 years later when the North Americans have got them fruiting, or you can pay the small premium and lead the charge.

Damn Joe!!! The new website looks great!

I sent you a DM before your trip if it would have been a possibility to collect seeds from some canopy layer and emergent layer trees if you so happen to find them on the ground or come across them,  which I would have paid top $ on. I grow to donate to Zoos and botanical gardens, I never got response from you.


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