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ISO: nurseries to buy cherry rootstock in California?

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I want to plant low chill cherries, but have difficult time finding nurseries in Ca.  Do you know any?

Hi Seng,

I get most of my rootstock from Burnt Ridge Nursery.


Fruitwood Nursery is sold out of almost all their rootstock except for cherry rootstock. They’ve got tons of it!

Anyone know of generally care free cherry trees? I know they have cherry trees in mountainous San Diego where they have enough chill hours (like Julian, CA) but not really sure what varieties that work well out there.

Several Eugenia’s? Maybe start with E.Repanda and go from there if it’s cherry flavor you’re looking for. Not sure what your exact climate is there but they all seem to do pretty well here, 105F in August, 25F in January some years. I live on the coast where it’s humid so that probably doesn’t hurt


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