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ISO: nurseries to buy cherry rootstock in California?

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I'm talking real cherries but if anyone knows of a care free tropical that will do well unattended for long periods that would be welcome.  Mountainous area like I am referring to has mostly arid forest climate with possible hot summer days into 90s and coldest days of maybe 20F with snow and freezing rain possible (area gets light snowfall usually, don't think it got very much this season so far).

Just a thought! Some of those Eugenia’s are pretty hardy, maybe even down to the teens? They’re pretty care free here, not many bugs or diseases for me and can handle varying amounts of water. Repanda supposedly tastes about as close as you can get to the real thing. Idk might be worth a shot. I’ve failed many times trying to grow the real thing, climate for me not conducive to long term success


--- Quote from: JCorte on February 06, 2023, 03:03:55 PM ---Hi Seng,

I get most of my rootstock from Burnt Ridge Nursery.


--- End quote ---

I emailed them about a week ago reguarding shipping to Ca.  Today, they responded.  So, I just placed an order of 5 rootstocks.  Total cost of $48.50, including shipping.  They do not charge tax.

Thank Janet.


--- Quote from: aaronn on February 06, 2023, 04:12:59 PM ---Fruitwood Nursery is sold out of almost all their rootstock except for cherry rootstock. They’ve got tons of it!

--- End quote ---

This place is cheaper and accepting Paypal.  Unfortunately, I placed my order at burn ridge before reading this most.

Aaronn, thanks. 

My rootstocks from Burnt Ridge Nursery have arrived.   However, all my scions already pushed out.  Do I graft them any way?


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