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Trade or Sell: Canistel tree


I have a canistel tree in ground and doing great.  I planted it about a year ago on the recommendation of someone at Excalibur.  I tried the fruit for the first time a few months ago and it is not my thing.  i would cut it down but the thing is flourishing.  I am willing to trade it for darn near anything that grows in South Florida. Ideally a cool type of mango I don't have, a sweetheart lychee, some type of avocado, or ANYTHING.  The only catch is that you need to dig it up and NOT fill in the hole so I can drop a new plant in the spot.  Send ANY and ALL offers.  It is probably about 7 feet tall and ready to be transplanted to your house.

If only you were in SoCal, dang I would buy that tree with the flick of a lighter.


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