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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: My mango leaves are drooping
« on: May 13, 2024, 02:05:13 PM »


Your fake sharwil looks like a sir prize avocado. Sir prize avocados do have that distinctive ridge on fruit which becomes less obvious when fruit ripens. I do see the ridge in one of your pictures.


Could be.  Had Sir Prize on another tree.

No red speckling which suggests to me guatemalan genes in the mix.   I screwed up somewhere, some how.  I have a branch or two of the Lamb Hass you sent to me.

Kaz, Giant Atis.  Mine is blooming.  Whether they'll stick is anyone's guess. 

Thats really odd Mark.  I am having a hard time identifying that avocado.  Those have been on the tree a year?  I doesn't really look like any kind of avocado I am growing.   Maybe let them go longer and try again in a couple months. 

It kind of looks like sharwil but i have not see them turn dark like that. 

Its not one of those oro negro or tex mex trees you had going before?

Don't remember how long they've been on exactly, probably about 6 months or so.  I have one lower branch of Oro Negro and that avocado is pretty much round, not pear shaped.  No Tex Mex, yech. 

Since the branches are very thick looks like I need to stub them and graft to the shoots that push.  Done that a lot with avocados and mangos thanks to freezes (heating failures) years ago.  FWIW, did it with a peach tree that was very heavy bearing, 25' W X 12' T.  One of the 5 varieties was apricot....but I digress.

Sharwil graft done yesterday in the center of a GEM tree.   Very healthy branching Jan Boyce is next to it, left. 

Brad, FWIW I have a large cocktail tree of Ardith, JB, and Nabal from wood I got from you years ago.  Fruit of Ardith and JB is excellent.  Nabal has never fruited, or, it may have but dropped all of them at BB stage.  Don't remember. Hell, I'm overwhelmed with a good 1,000 prime oranges (4 varieties including 2 blood), 2 varieties of lemons, 2 varieties of limes, etc. harvested from Dec. thru late April.  I bet I harvested 500 Meyers this year.  Grafted the budwood on a Flying Dragon rootstock I started from seed around 2011.

Reed is just loaded.  This is the view from my easy chair stationed in/under the Reed canopy.   Greenhouse is my Man Cave.

If it came from me, it is the real sharwil.  I started with 1 tree and have made like 100 clones off it now and have a field of them.  Im positive they are sharwils.

OK, thanks.  Pulled 2 black ones yesterday.   Refresh my memory, aren't they supposed to turn black on the tree?  I don't remember what the drill was with my original, old tree back in 2012.

No they are way over ripe if its turning black.  Sharwil doesn't turn black.  Can you post a pic of the fruit or the tree? 

I am surprised thry are not dropping from the tree if they are really turning black.  Sounds weird.  Maybe it isn't sharwil.

Sharwil would not hold this long in your GH i think.  You should be getting very nice sharwils by February there. 

Here's a sharwil picked yesterday it is totally green

Then it's not Sharwil, just what I thought.  Man, I hate to start over - cutting it down to a stub so I get shoots to graft to.

Fruit hangs black on the tree for a long time and never counter ripens correctly.

I've got a few Lamb branches from wood you gave me and it fruits OK.

Here's an old fruit from wood I got from MaryLu.



Picked yesterday, rock hard.  Have had fruit sit on a counter for 3 weeks and not ripen correctly.

Mark, search here, Kaz has pics and a long thread.

Got it, thanks.

Hopefully one of the Sharwil sticks will take on that rootstock shoot that is about 18" tall now, in the center of the GEM tree.

If it came from me, it is the real sharwil.  I started with 1 tree and have made like 100 clones off it now and have a field of them.  Im positive they are sharwils.

OK, thanks.  Pulled 2 black ones yesterday.   Refresh my memory, aren't they supposed to turn black on the tree?  I don't remember what the drill was with my original, old tree back in 2012.

alarms, back up heaters, etc.

What are you using for a temperature alarm?

Davis 6332 temperature sensor transmitter, wireless linked to a Davis Vantage Vue weather station.  Really nice system.

Maybe try pulling the sharwils sooner?  They are falling off the trees here in April.

So maybe Jan or February in you GH.

I have a good one called fujikawa that I can send in winter.  Also one called santa clara gold.

Trees are flushing and theres no good budwood now. 

As far as the ones you mentioned in this thread, they looked pretty mediocre from Kaz's post, but you can check it out and decide. I would go for something better to be honest.  Sorry Kaz.

To be honest with you I'm not sure I've got the real Sharwil.   Sure doesn't look like the original I got from MaryLu's budwood I got in 2012.   That was perfect fruit and tree culture. Also froze. I've got all kinds of safeguards in now, no freezing issues now with alarms, back up heaters, etc. 

I remember the fujikawa you mentioned years ago.  Might hit you up for that, thanks!

Thanks Jaboticaba45

Mark, search here, Kaz has pics and a long thread.

Have not seen you around in a while... 

Dis you get some sharwil grafts growing?  I think it is better than pinkerton.

I have a large Sharwil tree from budwood you sent me.  Been producing for years.  Kicker is, most of the fruit turns black on the tree and some is good and some when picked goes to crap.  Never seen the likes of it.  Kaz sent me the sticks which included more Sharwil.  What I'm trying to do is graft to a rootstock sucker that GEM is on as the main tree, top working.  I grafted JB on one sucker which is doing well but wanted something else to graft to on the second one that pushed about 2 months ago. 

Greenhouse is doing very well. I have literally harvested some of the finest oranges, Meyer lemons, limes since Dec.   At least 800 off 3 trees.  I have gallons of orange juice orange and Blood, Meyer lemon juice, baggies of zest, etc.  BTW, gave Kaz some Giant Atis sticks.  For the first year my tree is  holding a ot of blooms.

Here's hoping you and yours are doing well.  We just got back from the N.O. Jazz Festival.  Was a hoot!  Too damn crowded though.  The Nat. WW II museum is not to be missed.  Would be a great experience for your kids.

Will check out threads.

Did a trade and got these varieties on the side.  Other than a few posts here about a few varieties (like red Hansen) I am clueless as to the vigor of the trees (my greenhouse roof in central Texas has a ridge of 18'), tendency to alternate bear, fruit quality, etc.  Am top working to existing fruit bearing trees such as Reed, JB, Ardith, Sharwil, etc.

As an aside the USPS morons delivered the package to my home town and rather than delivering it sent it off to a small rural town, off to Austin and then finally back to me, but by that time I was in NOLA 3 days after the original scheduled delivery.  Will file a claim. 

Best condition is Derek sticks.  Hamada, Hansen, and Nancy might be workable.  As fate would have it the one I really wanted, Pinkerton, is in bad shape an toast

Any info would be appreciated so I can make a practical choice regarding variety.

FWIW, Reed is loaded this year.  Must have 50 or so in a tree I keep trimmed to about 16'.


Have a Waldin shoot coming up in the middle of my GEM tree. Girth is any where from 1/4" to about 1/2".  Like to do a cleft graft or perhaps T-bud. 

Am in central Texas.  Small USPS flat rate box would work.


Am interested in a 1 gal. pot of Rosigold shipped to Texas.  Can you help?


I have Pinkerton if you’re still looking.

I'd be interested come late winter, Feb.  Do your trees start flushing around then?  What part of Ca are you in?


My Reed, greenhouse grown, and most of my other avocados, has taken temps of 21F and 18F and come back quickly.  I have to trim it 2X - 3X a year to keep it under 16', 3 meters.  I had greenhouse heater failures one year and in 2021 we had Snowarmaggedon that wipe out most of Texas.  Got down to 5F, many didn't have electricty for up to a month.

April 2023

Good luck,

Good luck bud.   I went thru 200 gals. of rainwater today.  Texas is finally getting some rain.  My area is still in an Exceptional Drought category after about 3.7". .

When i was preparing the soil in the gh i did add sand for drainage and poriosity, i think i added less than what i need.
I understand that spreading it on top of the soil wont work, so i had the idea of making holes in the soil with a sharp obcect ,then filling those holes with sand . The soil really isnt bad , but i have some places that hold a bit of an excess moisture so would like to help with the drainage everywhere if possible.
Is this a good idea ?

Do you have clay?

Never amend clay soil or you just killed your tree with a non draining pot. 

I use nothing but bottomless RootBuilder pots in my greenhouse.  Only way to go.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado Container Size
« on: August 31, 2022, 10:35:40 AM »
One of the avocados I grafted last year had been doing pretty well until the last month or so. Recently some of the older leaves are looking a bit yellow and a few have brown tips. It is growing in a container (around 4 or 5 gallons) in a  fast draining medium (EB Stone cactus & succulent with some extra perlite) and fed with a standard avocado/citrus feed. I'm wondering if the container is too small and could be contributing to the problem.  I have another slightly smaller grafted avocado that is growing in a similar container with the same medium and that one seems absolutely fine. So I'm really not sure what's going on. Would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

I don't seeing yellowing.  Hard to beat Osmocote Indoor-Outdoor Plus, 6 mo. slow release, 15-9-12 with micros. 

You must retrain with staking or cutting back one of those side branches straight up to form a new central leader.  I did the goalpost topping about 3' up on a Reed and it never recovered from being all wonky.  A good freeze and I'm now back to a beautiful tree that I maintain to 12' H X 8'.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Grow pots for dwarf citrus
« on: August 20, 2022, 06:19:36 PM »
Try one of the root pruning systems - Rootmaker, MicroKote, Griffin's Spin-out.   Been using them for decades for citrus and other tropicals.

Not practical and the "benefit' will be moot.

You'd be better off biting the energy bullet and installing high output LED's on a timer. 

Years ago I had a greenhouse with the back wall on the south, was a garage wall.  Painted it with a white latex for its reflective properties.  Flowered the hell outta of orchids.

I've got what used to be a Lemon Zest (freeze damage during the 2021 ice storm) that's shot up 5 nice branches from below the graft, all about  3/8" in girth.  Would like to cleft graft any of the following varieties - Venus, Kathy K3, Sweet Tart, Lemon Zest, Fruit Punch, Cotton Candy or Honey Kiss.  If ya got others, please note.

Greenhouse grown BTW, central Texas.  FWIW am harvesting some awesome Glenn.  Pickering and Pineapple Pkeasure are next.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado poll
« on: March 10, 2022, 09:08:15 AM »
one of the links you posted said it was a chance seedling at the maluma ranch.  With "unknown" lineage.  Its obviously hass parentage. The odds of getting what appears almost an exact clone of hass from a chance seedling seems pretty  unlikely.  Then I assume this new variety has been patented?  So basically its hass but you have to pay royalty?  Thats what Im getting at.

You have to realize Im always skeptical of everything Mark.  I want to know the details and who is making money off of everything.  Whether its fruit or medicines, technology, war, etc. 

You and me both brother.  I'm very much a skeptic and cynical of what I hear and read.  I'm just relaying what the Aggie specialist is telling me.  I'll be glad to give you his work number if you want to chat with him.  He's pretty sharp.

I haven't considered getting scions, but I'll see what I can do.

I put in a bunch of hass trees on dusa clonal rootstocks this year.  The dusa trees are in a row side by side with a row of zutano rootstock trees.  I would like to try this new mulama hass type side by side also. They claim it makes nearly 2X as much fruit as regular hass.  I find these claims hard to believe.  For me seeing is believing.  These claims may be based on higher density of planting.  If you grow hass you will see it loads itself with fruit to the point of sagging and breaking branches.  So when someone claims their new hass clone makes 50% more, it seems unlikely. 

If they have a profit making stake, then yes, they're going to make big claims.  The money goes to the propagating nurseries via royalties though. Performance is directly related to ALL the factors that go into production, of any fruit, especially location and the clime, weather and soil profile of a particular area.  If a farmer says it's producing 50% more in Australia, then good on him.   Apparently it has merit or they wouldn't be swapping out Hass for it, don't care if it came from Mars.  ;D

On a similar subject, if you look at the dusa rootstock hype they claim hass makes more fruit on it than other rootstocks.  I read the technical documents and trial data etc that the university published.  They did all kinds of experiments to come up with this claim.  But nowhere in there did they include the zutano seedling as a control group.  Its like a whole bunch of academic masterbation they put out and failed to include the gold standard as a reference.  I mentioned this to Gray Martin, he seemed to be in agreement that data could be twisted to try and force a conclusion with this rootstock business.  It was an interesting conversation.

I can only imagine.  I also questioned one of the positions Gray put forth.  I find some recommendations aka "standard procedures" with some Aggie fruit specialists ridiculous too, like rough pruning vineyards in the winter.  It actually promotes early budbreak thru the re-distribution of auxins, the very outcome you're trying to prevent in case of a late frost.....and it's make work-requiring a helluva lot of labor which is in short supply here.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado poll
« on: March 09, 2022, 08:00:32 AM »
Elevation, weather, and soil all affect an avo's quality.

"Terroir" aloha style.    ;)

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