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Re: Advice on tree placement for landscaping project
« Reply #25 on: April 11, 2018, 03:13:26 AM »
Thanks for all the advice.

Kar1ima, that's quite a list. I have some but not all. It's something for me to work towards for sure. Glenn I may multi-graft onto something.

OC chris, we're probably not too far from each other. I had always thought that cinnamon was supposed to be in shade. Good to hear that it can take full sun but I think I've got a spot for it on the side of the house where it'll get partial sun unless it's better to be in full sun. Same for miracle fruit. I was told conflicting info on miracle fruit -- nursery says shade with few hours of filtered light but online sources say to give it full sun.

Bajajohn, as for storage space, I plan on having a greenhouse in the vicinity of C12-C13

I've attached a grid of where I'm thinking of placing trees and a list with the key (matched locations on grid with name of tree).

In general I tried to group them by type for watering and fertilizer purposes, but it didn't always work out.

Advice again is much appreciated.

Still wrangling on the well. I'd like to really drive that price down, otherwise it may take 30+ years to break even on the investment. If I get a well installed, I will still have to pay 445$/yr for my allotment of water from Orange County, so it's not like being off the grid will be cost-free.

Area C gets afternoon shade but 6+ hours of light including morning, midday, and early afternoon light with late afternoon being filtered.

J gets filtered morning light but full light midday and afternoon.

K and L will get filtered partial light, full mid day sun, but partial afternoon or even shade unless I let grow tall.

A1      A1   Avocado   Nimlioh
A2      A2   Avocado   GEM
A3      A3   Avocado   Nowels
A4      A4   Avocado   Green Gold
A5      A5   Avocado   Nabal
B- figs go here with dragon fruit instead of grape vines.             
C1      C1   Avocado   Sharwil
C2      C2   Avocado   Reed
C3      C3   Mandarin   Multi-mandarin 3
C4      C4   Mandarin   Multi-mandarin 4
C5      C5   Nectarine   
C6      C6   MULTI-Plum/Nectarine   
C7      C7   MULTI-APRICOT   
C8      C8   Nectaplum   Spice-Zee
C9      C9   Peach   Donut peach?
C10      C10   Multi-Pluot2   Emerald Drop + Geo-Pride + Splash
C11      greenhouse space      
C12      greenhouse space      
C13      C13   Multi-Peach   Florida Prince + Desert Gold + May Pride + Mid Pride + Eva's Pride
C14      C14   Multi-Plum   Burgundy plum + Methley plum + Beauty plum + Golden Nectar
C15      C15   Multi-Pluot1   Flavor Queen + Flavor King + Flavor Supreme + Dapple Dandy
C16      C16   Minneola   In-ground
C17   S   Aprium   Cot-N-Candy   Multi-cot-n-candy 17
C18   S   Aprium   Flavor Delight   Multi-flavor delight 18
C19   S   Aprium   Leah-Cot   Multi-leah-cot 19
C20   S   Aprium   Summer Delight   Multi-summer delight 20
D1      D1   Mulberry   MULTI-black persian, white lavender, , 2 others
D2      D2   Avocado   Queen
D3      D3   Avocado   Carmen Hass
D4      D4   Avocado   Fuerte
D5      D5   Avocado   Multi-2
D6      D6   Avocado   Hellen
D7   S   D7   Mulberry   Black Pakistan
D8   S   D8   Mulberry   Dwarf
D9   S   D9   Specialty   Indio Mandarinquat
D10   S   D10   Mulberry   White Pakistan
D11   S   D11   Kumquat   Nagami
D12   S   D12   Kumquat   Nordmann
D13   S   D13   Kumquat   Meiwa
D14   S   D14   Specialty   Calamondin
E1      E1   Avocado   Herd
E2      E2   Avocado   Lamb Hass
E3      E3   Avocado   Pinkerton
E4      E4   Avocado   Hass In-ground
E5      E5   Avocado   Multi-1
E6      E6   Avocado   Yamagata
E7      E7   Avocado   Oro Negro
E8      E8   Avocado   Holiday
E9      E9   Avocado   Kahalu'u
E10      E10   Avocado   Jan Boyce
E11      E11   Avocado   Sir Prize
E12   S   E12   Specialty   Marrakesh Limonette
E13   S   E13   Specialty   Rangpur Lime
E14   S   E14   Specialty   Yuzu
E15   S   E15   Lime   Kaffir Lime
E16   S   E16   Mandarin   Satsuma
E17   S   E17   Mandarin   Sudachi
E18   S   E18   Avocado   Hass
E19   S   E19   Avocado   Jan Boyce or Sharwil
E20      E20   Avocado   Rootstock/newly grafted
E21      E21   Avocado   Rootstock/newly grafted
E22   S   E22   Avocado   Ardith
E23   S   E23   Avocado   Sharwil on DUSA
E24   S   E24   Avocado   Rootstock/newly grafted
E25   S   E25   Avocado   Rootstock/newly grafted
E26   S   E26   Avocado   Rootstock/newly grafted
E27   S   E27   Avocado   Carmen Hass VS Chucte
F1   S   F1   Persimmon   Chocolate + GRAFT
F2   S   F2   Multi-Cherry-Plum   Delight + Sprite
F3      F3   Persimmon   Coffee Cake + 2 GRAFTS
F4      F4   Mango   Multi-Mango -- Edward, Angie, Carrie
F5      F5   Persimmon   Fuyu 'Jiro'
F6      F6   Persimmon   Giant Fuyu
F7      F7   Olive    Olive #1
F8      F8   Persimmon   Saijo + multi-graft
F9      F9   Multi-Mix   Babcock white peach + Fantasia nectarine + July (Kim) Elberta peach + Blenheim Royal apricot + Santa Rosa plum
F10      F10   Multi-Apple   Dorsett Golden + Anna + Fuji Red (#1 Akiful) + Gordon + 2 grafts
F11      F11   Cherry   Minnie Royal
F12      F12   Cherry   Royal Lee
F13   S   F13   Cherry   Minnie Royal
F14   S   F14   Cherry   6GM25
F15   S   F15   Nectarine   Spice-Zee
F16   S   F16   Pluot   Flavor Grenade
F17   S   F17   Cherry   6GM25
F18   S   F18   Tangelo   Minneola
F19   S   F19   Pluerry   Candy Heart
F20   S   F20   Pluerry   Sweet Treat
F21   S   F21   Pluot   Dapple Supreme
F22   S   F22   Pluot   Flavor Finale
F23   S   F23   Mandarin   Lee x Nova
F24   S   F24   Mandarin   Lee x Nova
F25   S   F25   Mandarin   Lee x Nova
F26   S   F26   Mandarin   Lee x Nova
F27   S   F27   Mandarin   Miho Wase
F28   S   F28   Mandarin   Pixie
F29   S   F29   Multi-Annona   Multi-half
F30   S   F30   Multi-Annona   Multi-half
F31   S   F31   Blueberry   Misty
F32   S   F32   Blueberry   Pink Lemonade
F33   S   F33   Blueberry   Southmoon
F34   S   F34   Blueberry   Unknown
F35   S   F35   Cherimoya   El Bumpo
F36   S   F36   Hosui   Hosui
F37   S   F37   Cherimoya   Gift
F38   S   F38   Asian Pear   20th Century
G1   S   G1   Citrus   Multi- Pink Lemon + Bearrs Lime + Navel Orange
G2   S   G2   Mango   Cotton Candy
G3      G3   Mango   Kathy
G4      G4   Mango   Fruit Punch
G5      G5   Mango   Juicy Peach
G6      G6   Mango   Coconut Crème
G7      G7   Mango   Lemon Zest
G8      G8   Olive    Olive #3
G9      G9   Mango   M-4
G10      G10   Mulberry   Teas Weeping
G11      G11   Pomegranate   Grenada
G12      G12   Pomegranate   Parfianka
G13   S   G13   Pomegranate   Red Silk
G14   S   G14   Pomegranate   Wonderful
G15   S   G15   Mango   Edgehill
G16   S   G16   Mango   Keitt (Manila)
G17   S   G17   Mango   20222
G18   S   G18   Mango   Lemon Meringue/PPK
G19   S   G19   Green Sapote   green sapote
G20   S   G20   Mango   Ambrosia
G21   S   G21   Mamey Sapote   Pace
G22   S   G22   Mango   Madame Francis
G23   S   G23   Pomegranate   Yellow
G24   S   G24   Pomegranate   Ganesh evergreen
G25   S   G25   Pomegranate   DPUN
G26   S   G26   Pomegranate   UCR- white
G27   S   G27   Black Sapote   Black Beauty
G28   S   G28   Black Sapote   Reinecke
G29   S   G29   Mango   Manila Queen
G30   S   G30   Mango   Venus
G31   S   G31   Mango   Orange Sherbet*
G32   S   G32   Mango   Kesar
G33   S   G33   Mango   Mallika
G34   S   G34   Mango   M-4
H1   S   H1   Mango   Keitt (Turpentine)
H2   S   H2   Mango   Orange Essence
H3      H3   Mango   Phoenix
H4      H4   Mango   Peach Cobbler
H5      H5   Mango   Sweet Tart
H6      H6   Jaboticaba   Murta
H7      H7   Jaboticaba   Seedling
H8   S   H8   Jaboticaba   Blue
H9   S   H9   Jaboticaba   Grimal
H10   S   H10   Jaboticaba   Yellow
H11   S   H11   Jaboticaba   Red
H12   S   H12   Jaboticaba   White
H13   S   H13   Grumichama   Multi-grumichama 13
H14   S   H14   Cherry of the Rio Grande   Ben's Beaut
H15   S   H15   Cherry of the Rio Grande   Round rio (seedling)
H16   S   H16   Cherry of the Rio Grande   Round rio (seedling)
H17   S   H17   Cherry of the Rio Grande   Bountiful Harvest
I1   S   I1   Mango   Multi-Honeykiss, pineapple pleasure, pina colada
I2   S   I2   Cherimoya   Pierce
I3      I3   Olive    Olive #2
I4      I4   Cherimoya   Fino de Jete
I5      I5   Atemoya   African Pride
I6      I6   Mango   Multi-Fruit Punch + Lemon Zest
I7      I7   Mango   Multi-Orange Sherbet*
I8      I8   Guava   Bassateen el sabahia (Egyptian)
I9      I9   Guava   Variegated Guava
I10   S   I10   Papaya   Dwarf Brazilian
I11   S   I11   Sapodilla   Tikal, multi-/moreno
I12   S   I12   Coffee   Kona Coiffee
I13   S   I13   Peanut Butter Fruit   peanut butter fruit
I14   S   I14   Surinam Cherry   Zill's Dark
I15   S   I14   Barbados Cherry   barbados cherry
I16   S   I16   Cherimoya   Santa Rosa
I17   S   I17   Multi-Annona   Multi-all
I18   S   I18   Multi-Annona   Behl Annona multi
I19   S   I19   Strawberry guava   Red Strawberry Guava
J1   S   J1   Mandarin   Algerian
J2   S   J2   Mango   Multi-Ambrosia
J3      J3   Mandarin   Daisy
J4      J4   Mandarin   Tango
J5      J5   Mango   Multi-Mallika
J6      J6   Mandarin   Yosemite Gold
J7      J7   Mandarin   Tahoe Gold
J8      J8   Mandarin   Shasta Gold
J9      J9   Mandarin   Ponkan
J10      J10   Mandarin   Lee x Nova
J11      J11   Mandarin   Xie Shan
J12      J12   Multi-Mandarin1   Shiranui + Shiranui + Clementine Nules +China S-9 + Okitsu Wase
J13      J13   Multi-Mandarin2   Page + Dancy + Kishu + Algerian + Honey
J14      J14   Orange   Cara Cara
J15      J15   Orange   Multi-Orange 1
J16      J16   Tangor   Multi-Tangor
K1      K1   Orange   Multi-Orange 2
K2      K2   Lemon   New Zealand Lemonade
K3      K3   Lemon   Villafranca Lemon
K4      K4   Lemon   Santa Teresa Lemon
K5      K5   Lime   Thornless Mexican Lime
L2      L2   Lemon   Ponderosa
L3      L3   Lime   Multi-Lime
L4      L4   Citrus   Multi-special
L5      L5   Citrus   Buddha's hand
L6      L6   Citrus   Existing Valencia Navel Orange
      on western side of house   Cinnamon   Cinnamon
      pool? Fence?   Elderberry   
      pool? Fence?   Goji Berry   
      POT - observe for growth   Multi-Annona   Satin vs Coochie Island + Atemoya x cherimoya
      EASTERN FENCE   Passionfruit   
      4-7 Grapes in trellises      
      around pool   Berry   Bababerry Raspberry
      around pool   Berry   Boysenberry Thornless
      around pool   Berry   Olallieberry
      around pool   Berry   Triple Crown Blackberry
      F7   Olive   Arbequina
      G8   Olive   Arbosana
      I3   Olive   Unknown
      POT   Avocado   Pinkerton
      POT   Avocado   Pinkerton
      POT   Pomegranate   Yellow
      pot? Rootstock?   Multi-Annona   Satin vs Coochie Island + Atemoya x cherimoya
      POTS   Avocado   Rootstock x 12
      POTS   Citrus   Rootstock x 7
      GREENHOUSE   Annona Scleroderma   Posh-te
      GREENHOUSE   Cacao   Yellow
      GREENHOUSE   Cacao   Red
      GREENHOUSE   Cacao   Trinitario
      GREENHOUSE   Cacao   Criollo
      GREENHOUSE   White Cacao   Macombo
         DRAGON FRUIT   
         Dragon Fruit   White
         Dragon Fruit   White Vietnamese
         Dragon Fruit   Dark Star
         Dragon Fruit   ? Hailey's Comet
         Dragon Fruit   Yellow
         Dragon Fruit   Yellow
         Dragon Fruit   Unknown
         Fig   Gary's Fig
         Fig   Green Ischia
         Fig   Janice Seedless Kadota
         Fig   LSU Purple
         Fig   Tiger Panache
         Fig   Violette de Bordeaux
         Fig   White Kadota
         Type   Cultivar
         Grape   Einset
         Grape   Razzmatazz
         Grape   Suffolk Red
         Grape   White Marquis
         Grape   Unknown
         Grape   Unknown
         Grape   Unknown


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Re: Advice on tree placement for landscaping project
« Reply #26 on: April 11, 2018, 01:39:13 PM »
wholy smokes, that yard would turn into a fruit jungle  ;D ;D


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Re: Advice on tree placement for landscaping project
« Reply #27 on: April 11, 2018, 01:45:03 PM »
Where's the like button?
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Re: Advice on tree placement for landscaping project
« Reply #28 on: April 11, 2018, 06:28:33 PM »
wholy smokes, that yard would turn into a fruit jungle  ;D ;D

I hope so. Would be nice to just stroll through and have yummy fruit just drop into my hands or dangle in front. Push one branch out of the way and have something ripe plop in front. :-)


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Re: Advice on tree placement for landscaping project
« Reply #29 on: April 12, 2018, 10:46:40 AM »
wholy smokes, that yard would turn into a fruit jungle  ;D ;D

I hope so. Would be nice to just stroll through and have yummy fruit just drop into my hands or dangle in front. Push one branch out of the way and have something ripe plop in front. :-)

you realize you will have multiple kids of fruits 365 days of the year. get an Organic fruit stand built in front  ;) ;)


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