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Title: Washington navel wont flower
Post by: Gone tropo on August 14, 2022, 11:25:17 PM
I have never posted in this section before wondering if anyone has any ideas. I live in the coastal tropics around 16 South latitude i planted a washington navel, emperor mandarin and myer lemon just over 2 years ago and a valencia orange 12months ago.  All of these trees are fruiting/flowering including the valenica orange at only 12months old except the washington navel.

My washington navel tree is actually the biggest and healthiest looking out of all these trees around 8ft high and wide but it will not flower?? Im very frustrated with it my myer lemon of the same age is absolutely loaded with lemons right now and my valencia is loaded with its first flowers but this big thick trunked Washington navel is doing nothing?

Should i stop fertilising it? Maybe its just too happy growing?  What normally triggers a navel to flower? I average 3000mm of rain a year it is in a full sun position as are all my citrus?  What time of the year would/should a navel fruit in my location?

thanks for any help
Title: Re: Washington navel wont flower
Post by: pagnr on August 15, 2022, 06:14:57 AM
Since you have fruiting Citrus at your place, doesn't sound like a locality issue.
It could be variety related, some Citrus do better in your area than others.
Where is the nearest other Navel Orange to yours ?
That said the Navel originated in Brazil, so you would think it should be ok ?
Also Oranges can behave differently in Nth Qld ( can't we all ). i.e. regreening of fruit on the tree etc.
Could be a rootstock issue, your different trees could be on different rootstocks.
That might influence growth pattern.
Another factor could be constant growth, with no stress period to induce flowering.
A period of drought stress can induce flowering in the tropics, where there is not the same seasonal change as other areas.
As you say could be too happy, possibly vigorous rootstock is pushing it into growth 24/7.
I hope other members can advise on flowering times and fertilisers that might turn it around.
Title: Re: Washington navel wont flower
Post by: Millet on August 15, 2022, 11:01:15 AM
Relatively low temperatures (night 50F to 65F) promote citrus flowering.  Increasing the chilling temperatures from 2 to 8 weeks increases both the number of floral shoots and flowers per shoot. In semitropical and tropical citrus growing areas, winter water deficit stress is imposed on citrus trees of all cultivars to compensate for inadequate exposure to low temperature during mild winters.  Winter water stress to induce flowering is commonly practiced  by Florida growers and other warms growing locations to promote flowering.

Title: Re: Washington navel wont flower
Post by: Gone tropo on August 15, 2022, 09:06:49 PM
thanks guys for the advice, i will make sure i dont water it and see what happens, just seems strange that the valencia that is literally less than a quarter the size of this big navel is flowering.  Maybe the washington navel is just a much tougher variety to trigger a flowering response than the valencia.

i will give it another year if it doesnt flower next year i will cut it down and maybe graft valencia onto it.

Title: Re: Washington navel wont flower
Post by: 1rainman on August 15, 2022, 11:29:01 PM
Meyer lemons flower.all the time. Navels are more cold weather oranges compared to Valencia. It may need more cold than the other varieties. Florida is the opposite navels do.well but Valencia hard to grow because they can't take cold weather. Meyer does good everywhere