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Citrus General Discussion / Root girdling
« on: September 14, 2022, 04:21:50 PM »
This Gold Nugget was planted almost 11 years ago, and I didn't know enough to pay attention to the roots at the time.

2 years ago, I noticed the smaller one crossing to the left, so cut that off, but I really should have cut it all the way back despite it already having merged with the lower root.  At this point, should I try to dig it out still?  Any options on the bigger one to the right of it going straight down?

Citrus General Discussion / When to let new grafts fruit?
« on: March 06, 2021, 01:32:04 AM »

Shiranui grafted in September started pushing last month, including some flowers.  This is on a 5g Cara Cara I purchased just as a rootstock.  Since it would be fed by the nearest leaves only (yet to be fully formed), could it be allowed to hold fruit (assuming it could be secured so it wouldn't break the graft)?  Or would the fruit, as a sink, retard the growth of the remaining scion buds?

Another question is how to manage the remaining nurse branches?  Should I cut back progressively, proportionally to new growth, or is there some threshold of the amount of new growth when you just take them all off?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Loquat fruit issues
« on: February 28, 2021, 01:36:07 PM »

Trying to identify the issue and possible remedies.  Haven't seen this before, but the trees have just started fruiting for the last 3 years, and haven't had many fruit till now.  Sunken areas are dry & stiff rather than mushy.  Would guess more of a scab than a rot, but my google-fu isn't turning up any matching images.  Not seeing any major issues on the foliage.  A few burnt tips here and there. 

This looks like it may be starting on some other fruits

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tiny white bugs in mulch
« on: July 23, 2020, 01:33:48 AM »
Picked up a dropped avocado today and found some buggers crawling over some bruises.  Checked the mulch and found a bunch of these tiny white bugs that I haven't seen before.  Too small for my eyes, so I had to video them so I can zoom in on the monitor.  Look like termites, but the ones that regularly swarm here are much bigger of course, and I've encountered bigger non-flyers on other occasions in dead trunks and scrap wood.  Just never seen such tiny ones before.  In the vid, a local black ant enters the frame for a bit, to give it some scale, and the ant is probably like 1/8" or so.  This year, I tried some wood chip mulch since I don't see the Earthgro bark mulch in the box stores anymore around here  >:(

Not the best timing, but will be flying into Miami 7/31 and heading ultimately to Key West.  I've got that first weekend to try to gather as many mangoes as possible.  Given our Cali import restrictions, we haven't tried very many types of mangoes really, so hoping to develop some snobbiness on this trip.  Wish we could have come in earlier in the season, but beggars can't be choosers.  Only been to Orlando once before for the parks, off-season, so I have no idea of the area really.

We arrive early Friday morning, so driving straight up to Palm Beach to try to visit Tropical Acres & the Zills, and Excalibur?.  Probably staying in South Beach, although that's flexible.  Weekend is open, but will visit the Spice Park one of those days, plus if there's anything else notable in the Homestead area.  Then on to the Keys.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First time grafting jitters
« on: October 10, 2019, 05:36:09 PM »
I'll go practice with some seedlings before I try with some real scions.

Oh, look there's an offering on TFF!  It's GO time!
Ok, lets see what I'll need. Schick, handle, rubber, tape.  M or grafting?  Why can't this ship to Cali?  Eh, just get the cheaper one.  Click, click, click...

Ooh, pretty scions.  Alright let's wrap them.  How do you do the tip?  I don't want to snap off anything.  Oops...
Where should I put this?  Brown looks too tough & green is too high.  Alright, the middle then...
I don't want to just cut off this fine branch.  Let's try with just a veneer type then.  The sizes don't match anyways.
Now, how far do I cut into the stock?  Well, that must be straight enough.  Where's this cambium?  Somewhere between green and beige, I suppose...
Trim this flap?  Stop it!  You're thinking too much and time is ticking!  Just leave it...
Damn, why can't I slice this thing straight!  Oh shoot, it's not flat now...
Well, let's try to line up the border on one side at least since these clearly don't match size-wise...
Darn, it won't sit flat.  Let me shave the stock a little higher... Aww, that's really not straight now.
The thing keeps moving every time I wrap this rubber around!  Is that tight enough?  The cuts weren't really flat.  Let me tighten that some more.  Crap, it moved again!
Man, this tape keeps snapping!  Grr, why do little holes keep tearing in it?
Hmm, how to seal the crotch?  Let me just drape some tape around there... (bumps scion)  Is it out of position now?
Oh, this is going to get too much sun.  Need some foil...
There!  Only 4 more to go!
Let's try a bark one like they were talking about on TFF.  So cut horizontal, then verticals, then pull... Why doesn't it pull off?  Oh that doesn't look smooth at all...  Let's just stick with the easier way for now...

They aren't dead yet!

I should've put that scion on that other branch over there.

I hope that condensation in the tip won't cause problems...

Will I have to wait till next year for some action?

Is that swelling?

Will it really be able to push through the tape?

Booyah!  Welcome a new master gardener!

I actually have a chance to layover at MIA on the 14th, and was wondering where I might be able to buy any of the mangoes I can only read about.

The white crust was originally a mound and when I touched it (very lightly), most of it fell off exposing this hole.  What might be causing it?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mangos for mild climate
« on: May 14, 2014, 05:33:55 AM »
I've been out of the hunt for a bit, but we're almost done rebuilding our house and it is almost time to get back to the garden.

Space is limited but I'm hoping to put in 7 trees at ~8' spacing.  We're less than 2 miles from the beach, but we're at the very bottom of an east facing slope, so we get several days of frost every year, although I haven't checked the actual temps for those days yet.  Stone fruits do really well in the neighborhood.  The marine layer sends us fog regularly, and it isn't often when it will break 80F like right now.  I've tried a Manila, and PIN Edward and Carrie.  Edward and Carrie didn't make it past their first winter.  The Manila is 5 yrs old now, but the winter of '12 killed the main trunk, so now it's just a tuning fork but it's still trying to carry fruit.   I'm not sure if it'll ever be able to heal over the exposed stump in the center, so thinking of digging it out and replanting another.  I also lost a young Hass avocado that winter, but I still have a Gold Nugget mandarin, Calamondin, White Indian guava, and big box Ice Cream banana.  I also have a few potted random mango seedlings about 3 yrs old that don't get any special handling, more for container growing practice, and maybe grafting practice at some point.

What mango varieties might I have the best chances with?  I'm concerned that even if I could get fruit, would they even taste good enough given the lack of heat.  We did put in a lot more pavement in the yard this time, so hopefully that helps with getting more heat.  And this time, I plan on putting up a temporary greenhouse, at least during the first few winters, to jumpstart them, if I can avoid DW's wrath.  I'm finalizing an order of some of Tim Thompson's mangos which seem hopeful.  Current picks are Tequila Sunrise, Gold Coast, PineApple, and Starburst.  The volume pricing is only a little bit more, so anyone interested in joining this order, or is there an open group order still around?

Also, any avocado recommendation?  I was going to try a Mexicola, but debating on whether to give it up for another mango chance.


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