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Tropical Fruit Discussion / What's going on with this theobroma?
« on: May 15, 2023, 02:20:49 PM »
Hey gang, I'm still learning to grow theobroma and I was wondering if anyone experienced is sure what's going on with this guy. Leaf edges and tops are browning slightly, slight yellowing. One of the new leaves just dropped off. Plant is in well-draining moist slightly acidic soil, very mild very infrequent fertilizer (I'm afraid of salt burn), neutral ph water. Plant has a mix of indirect natural light and indirect full spectrum grow light.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / What's wrong with this rollinia?
« on: February 19, 2023, 12:52:26 PM »
Hey all, a couple of my annonas have been struck by some kind of ailment/ deficiency and I was wondering if anyone has a clue what's going on. Symptoms include dieback and discoloration on the leaves plus some tip browning, and some of the newer leaves are the wrong shape. The worst affected is my rollinia which is a couple of months old; it was growing like a weed prior to this. Problems started right after a mealy bug infestation that it really reacted badly to.

It's in well-draining soil on a very mild fruit-tree fertilizer; in the pic it is under grow lights but I usually have it in filtered sun, waiting for the weather to warm back up. The discoloration reminds me of some issues my wax jambu were having that someone said was manganese deficiency but there's so much going on with the thing that I wanted to check in and see what people here thought. Might be a goner but it would be nice if I could save it.

Hey all,

So my Mom just moved to Redondo Beach area and has a back yard that is mostly paved (rental, so no digging up the pavement). She's asked for my help setting up a container garden with some tropicals (fruiting particularly, but also ornamental), which I'm going to do.

The thing is, I don't have any experience growing in the LA microclimates, including Redondo. So I figured that I would ask the brain trust for some recommendations as part of my research. Anybody grow in that area? I'm looking particularly at things which might do well in full sun there (the shade is somewhat limited) and that don't have super-specialized requirements (regularly feeding is fine, I'm setting her up with customizable irrigation). She's also relatively close to the beach.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

Okay, so grimals are often mentioned as being particularly salt/ph tolerant for jaboticaba, but so far out of my seedlings, my restinga seedlings seem to be thriving the most in the local less-than-ideal conditions. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere; anybody else have similar experience with restinga?

EDIT: Some of the black pearls also doing better than the grimals; although oddly the winner for "most tolerant plinia" award in this house goes to the mulchi and giant mulchi I bought on a whim. Slow growing but not a hint of salt burn so far.

So I was looking for a completely unrelated research paper and stumbled down a bizarre rabbit hole that I was unaware of and wanted to share. Apparently there are multiple unrelated studies showing an increase in seed germination and in some cases seedling vigor by exposing them to magnetic fields of varying strength as a pre-treatment:

Magnetic field exposure used to increase germination and vigor/ root development of mung beans (with pictures):

Magnetic field treatment increasing wheat seed germination rates:

MF Treatment improving cabbage germination rates and vigor:

A larger overview of MF treatment on plants in general:

I haven't had a chance to dig into this to look for further details/ bad science yet, but it's interesting that there's a body of research from multiple researchers showing some effect. Needs more study/ replication.

Also REALLY interesting was this paper showing that tomato seed orientation towards a magnetic field, and the strength of that magnetic field, was more consequential to seed germination rates than humidity:

What this all suggests to me, as a layman, is that this is an unexplored and possibly large factor in some seed-sprouting quirks.

Anyway. I'd take all this with a grain of salt; I'm sharing this since it's interesting and related the hobby but probably beyond most peoples' inclination and ability to mess around with. Don't go do something dumb with electro-magnets trying to get illama or something to sprout, please.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Brown spots w/ yellow halos on green sapote?
« on: October 09, 2022, 08:16:30 AM »
Hey all,

I have a young grafted green sapote that's developed some brown spots with yellow halos on some of the leaves. I'm guessing that this is either bacterial or fungal but wanted to check in with the folks here in case someone recognized it or had treatment tips, before I tried something to treat it. Pics below, thanks in advance for any advice.

I've heard some conflicting information on this one. I was looking to plant a yellow and a red this year, but accidentally managed to purchase what I think are two yellows (one is slightly red-tinged but it never goes full red like some of the pictures that I've seen before the fruit splits). My question is, does it matter? Do the red and yellow varieties taste any different to anyone who has had both?

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