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To the people who won: sorry for shipping delay. This week is midterms/finals so Iím a bit busy will try to get them out before the end of the week! Thanks for understanding!

Thanks again Ryan. Show those finals what you did to the ACT  8)


Congrats Ryan! Awesome score. Let that scholarship money flow like water~~

English 16
Math 31
Reading 19
Science 24

Itay, wheres the love?? Lol.

Lots of seeds are available on Etsy. Good luck! super cool plant.

I believe in you Jabo get that scholarship money

English 33
Math 32
Reading 33
Science 32

I wanted to add a quick review of my experience with Lance:

Great packaging, super fast shipping (especially considering the distance), and a 100% germination rate of my longan and Durian seeds. Hope all seedlings make it! My matoa succumbed to mold but sometimes you gotta roll the dice. Thank you Lance!

Wish I was just a bit closer! Would gladly pick up a few Black Sapote, Guava, and caimito. If you'd consider shipping any leftovers, I'm only located a bit away in Ft. Lauderdale.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Wtb Pawpaw fruit
« on: August 25, 2022, 11:52:14 PM »
Ill take you up on that akanonui  ;D

Have you contacted Alex Silber at Papaya Tree Nursery? No clue if they ship but you could always consult, their catalog has the "   Arcadian - Large Sweet Cultivar" that is supposed to be the described Silber cultivar (to my understanding?)

Best of luck on the search.

Hey all,

Recently found a Gac at the store and made a pretty good pesto from it. Have about 10 seeds leftover that appear viable, was looking to share with the forum and see if anyone has some interesting seeds to trade. This plant does best in USDA zone 9+ and needs a lot of space for vining, I see people make awesome trellises with this, which unfortunately I do not have the space for.

- Dan

@Orkine eyy thats clutch thank you.

I believe someone was selling cuttings not too long ago here. Maybe do a search and contact the seller?

I messaged a seller on here who had seedlings a while back but didn't find anything regarding cuttings on the forum.

I read that it is possible to propagate from cuttings but haven't found a % success rate.

Ryan thanks for the info, although they didn't come up under that name in my eBay search. I have been looking at a few ebay and etsy sellers.

- Dan

I appreciate the information everyone. I was not very concerned with fruit quality but rather a strong plant or rootstock to start with. I know they are aggressive rooters so perhaps I will update the post and try for some cuttings or maybe use figbid. Thank you.

Post updated cause I got a good deal on figbid. Still looking for African Peach!

- Dan

Hi all,

Updated post since I got the fig cuttings I needed.

Got a little project going, was hoping to see if any forum members had African Peach (Nauclea latifolia) seeds or cuttings before I go with etsy sellers.


Update for all: So yeah, definitely no fresh durian available anywhere and MiamiFruit is hit or miss when they do have availability, at least to my understanding.

Hope you know someone in Hawaii cause it seems that cold pack priority mail express from the only place in US that grows them would be the only realistic, likely-legal way.

Hi everyone,

Any known online or South Florida stores or homegrowers that offer fresh Durian? I would love to try one not frozen, but paying an arm and a leg for MiamiFruit isn't in the cards right now. Would appreciate any direction thanks!

- Dan

Sent a PM

I have some Passiflora edulis and a couple Passiflora choconiana

Forum member Brian Laufer, website is raindance seeds, had some for sale a few years ago. I would contact him before considering Rarepalmseeds, seems to be the only other source. Or take a trip to Baja!


Thank you so much for the generous shipment!! Very excited to get these persimmons, passionfruits, and thai dwarfs going after the success from my last order of sticks. Look forward to my next purchase!

- Dan

I appreciate the information everyone! I will state that I am only doing this as an experiment of sorts, successful in pots or not I don't really care. If its a success Ill be happy, but Im not planning on putting any of these in the ground, for the many reasons stated throughout this thread. I could search for the tree out in those empty lots but that really isn't my intention with this project lol.
As for the master gardener courses, Ill look into it, thanks for the suggestion. I will clarify I am not recreating IL in Florida, the majority of my yard is filled with common tropical and subtropical plants grown in this region/zone. I was just answering the questions as to why I like and want the pink peppercorn tree in particular, one reason being the willow-type structure that reminds me of the weeping willows. My primary reason, however, is the peppercorn. There is nothing particularly special about the Midwest I can think of that I would want to grow here anyways.
Thanks again for the advice everyone.

Interesting... not a mention of allelopathy regarding the species until I googled it specifically, I appreciate the heads up. Wish there was more information out there regarding its effects on natives and non-natives, a few of the available studies I read had some conflicting information. Regardless, as I mentioned, I'm trying to keep these guys small + potted, and especially isolated. I really just want to harvest my own pink peppercorns, not cause any ecological nuisance.
I certainly won't make the mistake of purchasing or growing any Brazilian peppertree. I believe they are noxious weeds in this state and can't be grown, cultivated, etc.

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