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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / hunting for the Torreya
« on: November 01, 2022, 04:40:13 PM »
I am looking for anyone who may be able to supply Torreya, preferably nucifera but I'll take any species I can get my hands on. I live in new jersey right now (in case I have access to some plant hard for you to obtain) so I can either give you money or trade seeds, whichever you prefer.

I essentially avoid any Annonaceae for my own consumption, there's not enough research in the metabolism of it in the body, whether or not it can accumulate in the tissues. Similar issues were found with unrelated compound BMAA in cycads and that indeed was bioaccumulating in the bats who in turn gradually poisoned the people. This is ignoring the fact that nerve damage does not repair well in general.

A very big concern I have though is with rotenoids found in a fair few fabids, like Tephrosia, Derris, Amorpha and most concerningly Pachyrhisus (jicama) which I see showing up in the markets lately. And a rare couple non fabids like Verbascum (mullein) and Mirabilis. all these definitely have cumulative nerve damaging effects that effectively DO NOT resolve in your lifespan.

Thanks fellas, this means a lot

I've bought from tradewinds fruit, and sheffields seed with ok results (both I kind of had to do a touch of due diligence in checking when they arrived and the expected viability of said seed species in storage, though they have stock species identified very well and the things that are viable have expected rates of germination), hobbyseeds was trustworthy , strictlymedicinalseeds with very good results.

Though not tropical these guys were exceptionally reputable and I feel deserve mention also, prariemoon nursery and hayefield.

Who else can be trusted?

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