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Saying you take "C" payments is going to attract forum spammers like flies (already had to smash the one below); I changed all instances of the word to "digital currency" and removed the particular payment type you take.

You can list the specifics in PMs with any members, but putting those words plainly on the page will keep attracting spammers to this thread for years to come.

Edit: just realized there was another obvious spammer below the first one who just hadn't edited a spam link into their original post yet. No bueno...
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Hurricane Ian Prep
« Last post by Jagmanjoe on Today at 06:39:50 AM »
Military put in a "temporary" bridge which is open to traffic Wednesday PM (10/5). They are getting food and water into the island.  Electricity will take longer.  No word on when they will let civilians in to help with clean up.  The state is talking about bringing in barges to clear debris off Pine Island.

My understanding is that barges and boat traffic is challenging anywhere near the island as there is so much debris both above and below the water line.  Just clearing that out is going to be difficult around the entire area as a lot of the debris is simply too heavy and cumbersome to lift and remove by hand. 

I also wonder how even planting new trees will be affected in areas where salt water sat from the storm surge that worked its way into the ground.  I would think it would at least take a period of rain to dilute the salts out of the ground, not to mention what all that salt water will do to the trees and vegetation that were just sitting in it.  Hopefully the groves did not get flooded or that flooding was minimal.
Does anyone know where I can buy Psidium Salutare seeds, besides a member huertasurbanas?  These are creeping bush type guavas, not tree types.  Thanks for any info.
How do I order seeds from you?  I am interested in Psidium Salutare.  I live in Seattle, WA USA.

Thank you.
Just fruits and exotics sells the tree for these. Otherwise unfortunately haven't heard of anyone selling the actual fruits.
do you have any information on growing the eugenia langsdorffii since it's from the Cerrado region of Brazil? I guess it's not that easy to make it happy in containers. Thanks, Sven
Spammer in waiting
Brad, oops, I have a typo, it should be spelled Dolores red seedless.
From my notes here on the forum, JF says it is a seedless red guava. See below:

I've also wanted to grow pomegranates in FL, but all I've found are sad answers. I've yet to see a review that the tropical pomegranates are worth eating, and the state is too humid to grow temperate pomegranates without spraying for fungus several times a year. Even if you were willing to spray temperate poms they still might not work out for you in Wellington because they do need some chill hours (~200?).

I contacted Green Sea Farms before they shut down (they were running a huge pom variety trial for UF) to ask about what varieties resisted humidity & diseases the best, and they recommended Christina and Vories varieties. I have in my notes that UF says that Christina is popular as a home garden cultivar and is reliable in the humid south. It originates in North Florida and that it has a mild taste with pale, almost clear, arils. It did 'fair' in taste tests. Vories originates in Gainesville, FL, has a 'sweet flavor' and has a light yellow or colorless arils.

Parfianka has great fruit, but it would need to be sprayed else a fungus will rot the fruit. The disease looks a lot like blossom end rot.

Sounds like it's not worth the hassle for my parents. Ill have to send them fruits from cali then. I'll trade them for the mamey, Abiu and Ilama off the trees that I just bought them!
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