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grafting in Michigan....
« on: April 28, 2014, 10:17:16 AM »
did 13 cleft graft on my root stock  and have watch them turn black day by day ...( cry and wine ) so today i unwrap them its  been 30 days on the grafts  ...  11 were all black  and dead as hell  1 had a little green by the graft end  and one is good ... as of now i know i have Bearss lime , Marisol clementine and Genoa lemon growing on one tree, and maybe Cara Cara as well don't hold munch hope on it doe ... i feel that doing graft in the house at this time of year is not good became of it being so dry in the house ...yes i wrap the bud wood all the way up ...   wood like some input from you guys and gals ...  do not know how to post photo yet on here so here is what i see.... some die all the way back to the tree and some open up were i split the for the cleft graft ...  when i did the graft shood i have put a rubble band on the graft then the tape???
please help ...
thank for your time...
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