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Fig winter protection
« on: September 29, 2022, 08:45:29 AM »
I have two inground figs, one of the hardier varieties that are in their second year inground. They are not small plants, i mean not starters or smth and jenerally went thru the last winter okay but heres the deal...
The one closer to the house had an additional prottection ,but  the one in the open yard had some tip die back due to the cold. I want to add some prottection to them so i do not get the frost bite on the tips. I noticed that the branches that did not had the tips die started to vegetate earlier in the spring, had more vigor in the sence that the leaves and fruit are bigger with shorter internodes. The fruit on those branches is also the earliest to ripen.
So what is the way to add some additional prottection to the plants, without wrapping them with hay or smth since they are too big for that...
Frost cloth? Tuying the branches and making some kind of a box to eliminate wind chill as a factor?
Thanks for any ideas !


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Re: Fig winter protection
« Reply #1 on: Today at 04:38:56 PM »
Do you prune the trees every winter ? Any chance to prune branches a bit higher to leave an insurance at the branch tips ? Then remove the damage after it warms up ?
I guess that is still a bit like tip damage, but maybe if the cold damage doesn't occur they might grow normally.
Otherwise since you are covering leafless branches, might need to consider a cloth or structure that won't rub the new buds off, or that the shoots won't grow through.
Frost cloths usually have a very closed weave, and are floating ( very light ).
Structures can be easier for removing the cloth. They can be reasonably inexpensive from salvaged materials if they are available.


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