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LF Fig cuttings

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Ya I figured it may be awhile but some people offer throughout the year so I just wanted to check.  Was hoping to get a jump start.  Thanks for the info and help everyone.  The root suckers is something I've never heard about.  Always cuttings, TC or occasionally an air layer. 

Root suckers are always present at any fig tree they are quite unavoidable  :D
And they are extremely easy to grow since they have already their small portion of root  ;)

Pan Dulce:
In my Zone, I root cuttings year round outside.

Ya I've found some cuttings that I'm trying to root but it was my first time and I thought I was doing it wrong after 3 weeks and no significant (1/4 inch or more) root growth so I kept moving them trying to figure out what worked best and I think most are dead now.  If I would have been patient they would already be growing now.  I left 1 and its doing great.  That's why I'm trying to get more now.  I know what to do/not do and I'm mad at myself for messing them up.  Lesson learned :/

This is called experience  ;)
Try and try until you succeed!


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