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Looking for paw paw trees

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Looking for 2 grafted pawpaw trees if anyone has any to sell or trade let me know!!! These are harder to find than i thought.

Logees has plenty of Susquehanna and Shenandoah available right now. Burnt Ridge Nursery also has plenty of other grafted varieties. Theres likely more atm, but these two sources are very reliable.

Hope you find a good one for your area.

I have one I might be able to trade. Hit me up! I'll check the variety its grafted too. Just left it out during this deep freeze so no idea if its alive although it should be...proabbly best to ship now anyways cause it's dormant

Following up to say I recommend Jaboticaba45 first over any commercial sellers  ;D
He provided me a very well-grafted Susquehanna that handles the Florida sun like a champ.

I fully agree with ya there dan! Ryans always great to deal with!!! Thanks for the feedback if ryan cant dig something up ill check thoes sites out.


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