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ISO peach rootstocks


ISO peach rootstock
Today, 08:14 PM
I am looking for rooted plugs or seeds of peach rootstocks. According to this article (link below), Lovell, Halford, Nemaguard, Nemard, Guardian, Flordaguard, Titan Hybrids, and Hansen are developed and used as rootstock. Each one of these have some desirable features. I would like to compare the performance of these in southeast gulf coast area. So, please let me know if you have a seed or rooted plug to share. I will be happy to pay the nominal cost for your efforts and shipping. I will post my findings on this forum and hope it would help all. Thank you


Theres some online nurseries that sell whip trees bare root.   Burnridge and one green worls, theres others also.  Try searching for it and you will find them on google. 

MP-29 a peach x plum hybrid is becoming a favorite among some growers. It is supposedly resistant to Armilaria, nematodes, and peach tree short life. Guardian is not resistant the Texas Nematodes per the Texas Peach Handbook.


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