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So I planted galangal, which is a plant similar to ginger but with a different flavor, that is popular in Thai food. And I must say, it is happier in drought, and healthier so far than my forays into various gingers, particularly as this is the dry season.

So if you have terrible soil, and marked drought periods, this might be a sturdy one to try. Unfortunately, I am not as fond of the taste as I am of the other similar plants. But it's healthy, and thus far I don't mess with anything under the soil, I only harvest leaves occasionally as a spice, like for soups that employ the coconuts from my yard. I have high hopes this one will last a long time here.

Slices of the rhizome gives a nice flavour to clear soups and the slices can be eaten.

Google for "Tom Kha Gai" recipes. The ginger ingredient for this Thai soup actually galangal. This link has a pretty authentic Tom Kha Gai


Wikipedia says there are 4 different species that are referred to as galangal. Which one are you referring to?

Most likely A. galanga, wasn't aware of the other spp. Positive that this is the one in oriental markets.


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