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Anyone growing sweet potatos ?

Can you grow sweet potatos in a pot or a bed container?  I don't have much space to let the vine grow in ground so just wondering if anyone is growing these sweet potatos in a enclosed planter?

I have the Okinawa/Molokai sweet potato (purple color inside) and it grows well but not getting any potato since I don't have space to let the roots run underground. I had one potato that grew under one of my planters (over cement) and it looked like a pancake potato with roots.

If you have any purple sweet potatoes, please post some photos of your tuber.

The world's record potato, weighs 17 lbs.

Here's my flat purple sweet potato.

Hi Kaz,

I harvested a few of the Okinawans and Molokai purple last week.

I did not take photo of the Molokai, but they were same large size.  I havenít tasted the Molokai yet but they didnít have any sweetness raw.  The Purple Okinawans are my favorite and have grown them for years.  The smaller one on the top grew in a 2 gallon pot.  The smaller one is the normal size I usually find at the Japanese market.  I didnít intend to leave in the pot, I was just rooting some cuttings and forgot about them.  I was surprised to find the tuber because the pot has been neglected.  Theyíre curing now, so will taste the Molokai cooked next week.


Janet, wow your sweet potatoes are large !

When the potatoes have the tubers, do they grow out of the ground a little so that you can tell where they are or do you need to dig up the plant and find the tubers underground ?

The Okinawans start to protrude out of the soil or are near the surface so I can feel them by digging around with my fingers.  The ones I harvested were growing under 6 large tomato plants.  I gave the Molokais less competition since it was my first year growing them.  I needed a shovel to find where they were.  I ended up cutting through a few that were similar to the size of your photos, but found 2 large ones.

I have found if I miss an Okinawan tuber, they will continue to grow bigger the following year.  I have harvested huge ones in the past that are ugly with thick skin, but still beautiful deep purple inside and delicious.

I also love the Korean purple variety, purple skin but light yellow flesh.  My mom harvests the stems of the vines and dries them to use as a stir fry vegetable in winter. 



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