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Check out this guys YouTube Channel!

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Just watched your mango vid. Letís see your tree! I have a honey kiss Iím growing in a pot for fun in zone 8b

Glad to see you posting about your growing and fruit adventures, and love of chickens. Always great to see what other people are doing, and you have something special going on up there. Following

Went to Ryan's spot in Chatanooga last week.
Very nice greenhouse and collection, was glad to finally connect.
Look forward to the content you post on YouTube. ✌️

Thanks for the kind words all.
hope to add more content on a regular basis. Just finishing up finals this week.

Kevin, it was nice meeting you. I hope those plants grow well for you!

Was that a eugenia angustisima? Looks great! Hope you got that heater functioning properly again. Thanks for the cool video!


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