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C-35 fruits

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Does anyone have a few ripe C-35 fruits to send for comparative purposes? I have a tree with uncertain parentage I'd like to determine whether it's actually a C-35 tree or not.

Do you have a photo of the fruit, I'd like to see it. I know a member who has a large tree that has a mandarin grafted onto it, but I don't think his rootstock has any branches with fruits.


Several photos of the fruit on and off the tree.

Nice size fruits, I didn't know they were that big.

Yes, this is one of the factors that leads me to be uncertain as to it's identity. The only reason I contemplate it being C-35 is that during the outdoor trial some of the seedlings root-grafted to one another. Subsequently, it appeared that some of the hardiest F seedlings roots enabled F seedlings to survive.

However, there's no definitive proof of this occurrence in this particular case. The low seed count seems to be a lower than C-35 seed count (6 vs 9 average seeds per fruit. Also, one third of the fruits were completely seedless. Unfortunately, I have no first hand experience with the fruiting habits of C-35, unless this tree is indeed C-35.

I'm doing a seedling test to determine if the C-35 Zygotic seed percentage of 15% is replicated among these seedlings. If this selection is not C-35, it could contribute fruit size and tree vigor, low seed count and juiciness to its progeny. On the negative side is the fruits high acidity and unremarkable flavor. The Poncirus flavors aren't overwhelming, but there's also nothing remarkably Citrus-like in its flavor.


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