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Seedless papaya

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On my walk this morning I found this Rouge papaya tree that the animals planted but havnt looked at it in a while. It's growing in the shade of several pine and Sable palms behind the hedge row of clusias. Upon cutti g it open there weren't any seeds and never knew they could be Seedless. It's actually got less of a dumpster taste than the ones I planted. Small sized fruit though, maybe because it's in shade.

Female papaya's that dont get pollinated will produce seedless fruit, i believe they are considered parthenocarpic.
I prefer the taste of seedless papaya, much milder. Lucky find!

it depends on how they're pollinated.

Could be Boron deficiency.I had the same this year on wild plants

I'll pick some of the next fruit it set when there ready and see if they all are Seedless. The other trees I did from seed I had cut the taproot while they were still under 1' to stress them into being fruit bearing. Seemed to have worked since I have no male trees.  That one without seeds, the rodents/birds get credit for planting. This tree gets absolutely no attention or irrigation either so boron deficiency could be it. Or could be some other factor like you all suggested. Thanks for information 👍 😀


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