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Seedless papaya

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A snack master dehydrator with the fruit leather inserts is worth the money. Most conventional ovens don't have the airflow to dehydrate things properly. I think some convection ovens and air fryers have dehydrate settings, though. I dehydrated a lot of mango leather this year and threw blueberries, cranberries, passionfruit juice, etc into the mix for variety. It all came out great.

Thank you!  I'm going to research that now! Sounds like you made a good investment on that.


--- Quote from: Timbogrow on December 02, 2023, 01:33:32 PM ---Thank you!  I'm going to research that now! Sounds like you made a good investment on that.

--- End quote ---

Indeed! And that was 18 years ago. I have no idea if the new ones will last that long, but mine has.

I usually bring in papaya without thinking about what plant it was off. I am trying to remember and let you know if one is much better than another per a possible factor.

I just brought in a roundish papaya in almost full sunshine as on south side of a mamey sapote that is not too big. It is sweet and full of seeds. I had previously fertilized it 1 to 2 months ago as this and the extra sunshine is my guess as to why it is sweeter.

I picked 2 papaya today off a tree that fell over during Sept. when raining a lot but has since reestablished and started growing. Unfortunately it fell toward the house and the top I lifted with a brick to see if the papaya would finish maturing. They did but all have been bland and I'm guessing it is due to the house blocking the sun after 1pm on the top leaves. It also was not pollinated and seedless vs. the other roundish papaya about 50 yards away.

A greater amount of sunshine increases chance of a sweeter papaya.


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