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My Secret recipe, Avocado garlic cheese crips

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get you an avocado, preferable they butter type and large, you will want to be able to press the avocado slice flat like a slice of pizza on a skillet...its hard to manage with small watery avocados like Hass.

Take an avocado, cut into 3 or 4 slices, from top to bottom, not laterally cutting the fruit.

Take a slice of avocado, and gently score the flesh, so it can be pressed flat on a skillet.  Leave skin on!

Score the avocado many times in a crossing pattern, about 1cm deep.

Add spices like hot pepper, garlic minced, onion minced small, herbs you like.

and remember to continually work spices into avocado pulp, by gently mashing or scoring with a knife, mixing spices with the top layer of avocado pulp.

salt, pepper if you want

Now the kicker...get you some cheese, hard cheese preferably, like parm reggeano, or asiago (my favorite)  Don't use cheese squares like american chees! only hard cheese...

Grate cheese onto avocado and cover, as last layer (not too thick of a layer).  Make sure its all pressed into the avocado and not likely to come apart in the skillet.

Preheat skillet to medium, medium high, with olive oil , or grease of your choice.

press cheese side down, for about 2-3 minutes or until crispy... make sure to get all cheese out with spatula or whatever u use!

Eat with someone you like!

Tell me what you think!

My favorite thing to do with avocado...except eat them fresh or on sandwiches and such...

Not to stray off topic but Hass = watery ???? ??? ??? ???

the ones most people buy readily from mexico in stores, are watery!  compared to a good choquette or brogdon.


--- Quote from: bsbullie on March 03, 2012, 09:20:42 PM ---Not to stray off topic but Hass = watery ???? ??? ??? ???

--- End quote ---

read the bottom of this one Hoss!

I have more to teach you yet! ;)

listen to me you'll go places kid ;D


Choquette  and Brogden are not that great either.  I would go with a Lula, Wurtz, Wilson Seedless or a Day.


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