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Brazilian Jabuticaba Liqueur


1kg(2 lb) of jabuticaba fruit
1kg(2 lb) of white sugar
a bottle (600 ml) of good quality Aguardente made from sugarcane.

Wash the Jabuticaba and dry them thoroughly with a cloth. Mash them well with your hands or use a masher to mash them. Place in a glass container and stir in the aguardente.

cover the container and let stand for ten days without stirring. On the tenth day boil the sugar with a little water and make a thick syrup. Strain the Jabutica pulp and the aguardente. Add the syrup and aguardente in a bottle, Mix it well! The Jabuticaba Liqueur is best served very cold!

Enjoy ;D ;D ;D

@Oscar- is it similar to your Liqueur?

That is quite different. Mine did not require any boiling, but has to sit a lot longer. Here is the recipe i used:

Original recipe as i received it:
fill a 30 ltr drum with fruit  and cover with a solution of 6 kg sugar 6.5 ltr water 3 litres 100% ethanol
mistakes i made that you don't want to
if you end up with too little ethanol....it will go off
equally critical once product is ready (min 6 months better a year) decant into smaller bottles
if you start drawing off from barrel leaving air space the atmosphere  will over time change the quality to inferior
this is  a TD product =- TOTALLY DELICIOUS
served straight over vanilla ice cream OR straight over ice with a dash of lime

I did not want to make so much so reduced the original recipe by factor of about 30:
i'm doing two recipes at moment...1.5 litre bottles full of fruit topped with liquid of 2 kg honey 1.5 ltr water and then either 1.75 litre pure ethanol or 2 litres pure ethanol
each i.5 litre jar takes one litre fluid
Original recipe did not require smashing fruits, but i did it anyway in an hydraulic press before placing in the alcohol. I let it sit only 6 months and was totally delicious. Very unusual kind of smoky taste.




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