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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mangoes, bananas, pineapples growth photos
« on: December 24, 2016, 11:29:02 PM »
Here are some images of nam Wah bananas, harvest moon mango, the front yard, various places, pineapples, ice cream beans etc. any thoughts? Besides more mulch and weeding obviously lol!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Rollinia, red banana swale in contour photo
« on: December 09, 2016, 09:49:44 AM »

These are some Rollinia and red bananas about 8 months in the ground. Rollinia were in small pots prior.
This is in southern Ecuador elev. 800 meters. Annual rain 2meters. Clearing and mulching 3-6 times a year.
Anxious to see fruiting and flowering soon as the rain season is about to begin.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / best plantain ever? filipita?
« on: June 12, 2014, 11:57:17 PM »
Its the best banana or plantain ive ever had its a plantain red orange n some yellow on skin blacker when ripe. Whitish insides. Tiny edible seeds. Fluffy moist delicously flavored Nd very sweet fruit..

Tropical Fruit Discussion / I ate an unidentified vining fruit.
« on: May 17, 2014, 05:53:07 PM »
Good afternoon everybody,  I am starting a new thread because I have eaten a fruit I cannot identify.  I know I dont have much for anyone to go on but here is what I got.

there is a single large seed covered in 2cm more or less of orange flesh the flavor was bland and milky as best as I cam descrobe it. It was growing on a vine, the vine was dead when I found it so no idea what the leaves look like. Heres the video I made of it. I am still alive roughly 6 hours later so im going to go ahead and say it wasnt poisonous.

Many thanks!

Oh and first person to identify it gets plus 1 post on their post counter.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / How will Durian do in my climate?
« on: May 11, 2014, 08:56:03 PM »
I'm looking at property around this area, el pangui,  and wondering what others think about the lack of a defined dry season, and the volume of rain.

Some small durian from ecuador!

Thanks for any helpful input!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Best arid climate fruits?
« on: December 14, 2013, 03:25:55 PM »
Hey everyone what are your thoughts on best fruits to grow in a arid tropical climate? Temps are 70to 90 f nightto day all year, feb to april it rains a little .. about 160mm..

so far I figure cactusfruits like dragon fruit, pitaya, culmnar cacti, black sapote, white sapote, sapodilla? Dates? Monkey orange? Any oother suggestions are very appreciated!

For a clearer picture ill include this video, here is gravity irrigation hence he cocos and mango tree, that irrigated area will grow various stuff but this thread is more aimed towards the non irrigated areas, the soil is like crumbly slate volcanic rock, barely any loamy,  or clay content the rock is brittle enouh to dig into fairly easily which is entertaining to me also the whole project being so artificial in he environment. I am planting other hings in the irrigated area like jackfruit, durian, rambutan, bananas and other stuff soon.

here the video.0, feel free to ask for more info!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Allan White new zealand fruit breeder
« on: December 14, 2013, 03:09:02 PM »
Found nothing upon searching here and little on google, I read he has breed some impressive fruits such as Kohala lognan, seedles guava psidium guajava, bettina drawf papaya,  musa sapientum, grey abiu?

can we talk about this?

Is there a big differenc, id think so but I cant find much info on trees just tomatoes, vft and mostly small herbs.. in ecuador itseems to be mostly cloudy and things grow very well but do certain species anyone knows of specifically hate a majority of cloudy days and are the main negative effects simply less production and growth? Also Iif I can squeeze in another question, how detrimental is moss growing on trees? Epiphytes stealing light etc.

 :o  so I was giving the name tootie fruitie which led to obvious mixed results online aanyone know alternate names or botanical name? Thanks!

Added video*
Pond Apple, Rio Cuasa, Ecuador

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Contest for organizing the forum
« on: October 09, 2013, 09:23:58 PM »
I was just thinking maybe we could start one or more contests for people creating awesome posts organizing already awesome threads into one post and possibly editting it with updates. Or adding more info onto the fruit list or starting seperate editable documents contIning columns for all sorts of things that are interesting or valueable.

In posts miht be better to attract more people from google searches etc. But we could do both also?

The prizes could be free seeds or something donated by members for ad space in the contest or something else?

yay nay or something similar?

I know of the crfg list with minimum temps but I wish it had desired rainfall and optimal temps, which I understand is a bit of work but also fun and worth it id say. So here is my list so far if you can add some fruits and possibly annual rainfall, optimal tempuratures and other useful info, but keep it a bit short, or make it long! Forgive sloppiness im on a tablet travelling currently.

Also please mention if I double named anything and your favorite cultivar if you can!  Thanks!

Durians - 1500-2500mm 27-30c
chempedak 13-47c 1250-2500mm understory tree
Marang, pedelai,Keledang, lakoosha, 8
Mangosteen - 1250- 2500mm 25-35c
Rambutan 20-30c 2000mm or more

fast harvesters
Papaya - 21-33c 500-1500mm well drained soil needs 10% males for pollination
banana - 500mm min 1200 - 2500mm ideal 15-35c heavy fertility
pineapple - 22- 32c 600- 3500mm jaja ph 5-6
Dragon fruit - 8c min 500-1500mm great for anti desertification!
Passion fruit - 1000 - 2500mm 72f avg o.o
Figs - 15c min 39c max 1000mm well drain arid hot climate
Strawberries just grow em, under 12hrs light help fruiting
Watermelons - 22 - 36c 300-600mm
Muskmelon 27-30c ideal germination, reg water, full sun low humidity.
Tomatoes 15 - 27c

Generalf avorites
abiu - march-april in ecuador market, likes slightly acidic soil, warm tropic.
Rollinia - 1500-3000mm
Soursop - 500-1500mm 15-28c
Sweet orange - 500-775mm 16-35c
Starfruit - 1500-3000mm 21-32c
Jackfruit - 1500mm or less 20-30c little flood or drought tolerance.
Mango - 300-1000mm 20-40c
Coconut - 1500-2500mm 4-37c 1-3 month dry season.
Mamey Sapote 500-2000mm 17-32c more rain will make less fruit, 12kg fruit per hectare.
Chico sapote - 1000-2000mm 20-25c
Lognan - 1500-3000mm 15-25c
Loquat - 800-1500mm 15-18c?
cherimoya - 1000-1500mm 17-25c
Ackee - 1500-2000mm 25-30
clitchi - 1250-2000mm 15-25c
Acovado - 1250-1750mm 25-28c
Mangosteen- 1500-2500mm 25-35c
Dates 18-33c can handle no rain but need rain to fruit well.
Black sapote - 1000-2000mm
Grapes 650-2700mm 25-30c
Jaboticaba - 1000-2500mm 9-42c
Sugarcane 1000-4000mm 18-33c
chupa chupa - 0-1500m elevation ecuador
pulasan, likes long dry season, is ultra tropical
White sapote, likes little rain, med to low temps 20c
Peaches - 20-30c for fruits, 500-1000 hour chill for flowers.
Malay apple- 1500-3000mm
Tree tomatoe - 1000-3000ft 10c min weak stems n roots.
naranjilla - 1500-2500mm 17-19c 30c max
mamoncillo - 750-1250mm 0-1000meters
Longkong - 1500-2500mm
mamey apple - 150-4000mm 27-30c slightly unedible
Ice cream bean - 1200-3000mm 21-28c
Atemoya - max 30c
kepel apple, star apple, penut butter fruit, bullocks heart, safou, salak, cocona, platona, duku, sugar apple, durian of the incas?
Velvet apple, ross sapote, Borassus flabellifer, burmese grape, cannonball fruit,
apple pear cactus pear mulberry Blueberries Raspberries what else?

If anyone wants to snatch some from here for marangs etc, iused up my page limit cuz its a worthwhile book to look in.
 Google books for tropical fruits volume 2 if that link isnt working for you.

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