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I'd like to get your input on what you would say is the best rootstock for growing in the desert, notably in higher pH clay soils when in-ground, along with high pH tap water, and where to acquire them either as seeds or small plants. I'd like to perform some experiments.

A lot of trees for sale here in Vegas either don't list their rootstock, or are varieties sourced from California which seem to have a hard time here even with organic matter mixed in, fed well, supplemented with elemental sulfur, and the perpetual issue of proper drainage well taken care of.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Ruby Crisp Muscadine
« on: June 05, 2023, 06:48:26 PM »
Looking to purchase a rooted plant or cuttings of Ruby Crisp Muscadine.

It's sold out everywhere until winter, but I'm hoping there might still be a window to get one here.

For those not aware, it's a new variety that's supposed to be a top tier muscadine with a much more edible skin than your average one.

Yes, I'm aware that's extremely subjective. ;)

I only have room for one tree, and therefore it's gotta be a real winner.

Tastes amazing, relatively easy to root from a cutting, and heat/cold tolerant.


Looking to get DMOR9 cuttings or a small pre-grafted tree.

Want to try to graft them on my World's Best before it gets too hot, or just get one that's already grafted and save me the trouble.

Looking to purchase seaberries, specifically a male and orange energy variety (or similar one that is a heavy producer).

They're sold out across the board on the internet and no one on Etsy or Ebay is selling them either, just seeds without varietal info.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Growing Maqui berry in the desert
« on: May 24, 2022, 12:19:08 PM »
One of my experimental Vegas grows is a Maqui Berry, aka Chilean Wineberry. Since acai palms are completely impossible, I figured this would be a good alternative.

Four of them died, but this one is doing fantastic. Gets morning and a little afternoon sun, and handled last summer and winter like a champ (much to my surprise). It's a full year old in the ground and has pushed out a lot of growth since it's days as a tiny stick. Also got some flowers a few weeks back.

I have a question though. What are the conditions it needs to set fruit in terms of maturity, temps, and humidity? It's (supposedly) a self-fertile variety that produces both male and female flowers. No fruit set with the flowers it produced, so I'm assuming, and hoping, that the plant just needs another year under it's belt to start producing.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB: Mulberry scions
« on: March 16, 2022, 05:17:30 PM »
I have a World's Best (maybe for production, but not for taste) mulberry that I'm looking to graft some high quality fruit scions to before it starts to get toasty here in Vegas. Any that would be considered a 9/10 or 10/10 for flavor and with at least decent production. White or dark, doesn't matter. No Shangri-La, already got one of those at my grandma's house.

Thanks! :)

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Looking for satsuma scions
« on: January 23, 2022, 09:30:03 PM »
Looking to graft some satsuma scions onto some other citrus trees I have. Don't have room for another full tree.

Ideally varieties that are both cold and heat tolerant.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Rooting yellow mombin/hog plum.
« on: July 20, 2021, 04:57:06 PM »
Any tips on success? I managed to acquire a bunch of cuttings, and I want to make sure they have their best chance to root. Internet is pretty dry on info, outside of them being pickier to root than the red variety.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Mombin cuttings.
« on: June 18, 2021, 12:28:29 PM »
I was recently introduced to this awesome fruit from a local fruit vendor and I'm keen to grow it here. I've read that it's supposed to be pretty easy to grow from rooted cuttings.

Anyone have any available? The amarillio variety is the one I've tried, but if the others are similar (or better) then I'm keen to get those a whirl too.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / WTB Yuzu
« on: June 17, 2021, 03:21:49 PM »
Looking to get a Yuzu tree or sapling.

Not interested in seedlings since they take forever to fruit that way. Only grafted or rooted cuttings.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Growing mangoes in a desert hellscape.
« on: June 14, 2021, 01:27:03 PM »
Need some help, or just a swift kick in the butt telling me to not even bother.

One of my holy grails is to grow a healthy, fruiting mango tree in Las Vegas. I'm probably crazy for trying, but I know that it can be done as there's another person here growing them that has gotten fruit after a few years. That and I figure if I can keep avocado trees alive here for five years, I should be able to keep a mango alive as well.

Unfortunately, with me, they always follow a pattern no matter how big or small they are. Does great their first year. Winter comes, no damage taken with protection (temps get between 30-50F) and very minimal watering. Early spring comes, nearly all the leaves get dry and crunchy. Tree is unable to recover, and dies a few weeks later.

When that happens, I've tried watering a little, watering a lot, watering at the center of the root ball, watering at the area surrounding the root luck. Also tried not fertilizing, moderate fertilizing, supplementing with soil sulfur mildly and watering with reverse osmosis water to keep pH low, no luck there either.

Trees are planted in RootTrapper II 30gal pots with very free draining soil consisting of palm/citrus mix, sand, and lava rock. No risk of anthracnose or other similar pathogens that I'm aware of being that Vegas has very dry air.

Is there something I'm missing, or am I just a glutton for punishment?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Sugar Cane cuttings
« on: April 29, 2021, 04:23:02 PM »
Looking to get some sugar cane, ideally either what is considered top tier for eating and/or ornamental purposes.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Maqui Berry
« on: April 02, 2021, 02:20:38 PM »
Looking to get a Maqui Berry (Aristotelia chilensis) plant, ideally one that's grown from a cutting of a mature, fruiting plant.

Seeds are a crap shoot since they're gendered and I'd prefer to get a sure thing. I have one that's been growing very well here in the Vegas hellscape, but unfortunately it appears to be a male.


Looking to acquire some seeds or seedlings to grow these. Had a small tree that I got to produce fruit, but it met an unfortunate demise due to root rot.

Either Armeniaca or Argentena varities are fine.

Looking to get some red or purple Sugar Apple seeds or starter plants.


Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / WTB Yuzu tree or scions
« on: June 28, 2020, 11:49:38 AM »
Looking to acquire a yuzu lemon tree that's already grafted, or scions so I can graft onto current rootstock.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Surround on foliage
« on: June 18, 2020, 05:40:09 PM »
To help prevent sunburn during the Vegas summer, I'm giving a go at using Surround kaolin clay on my avocados and green portions of my mangoes.

Is it bad for the plants to have Surround on the foliage? On one my mangoes some of it got on a new cluster of leaves and they died after a week. Mature leaves seem to be okay...for now.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB: Hilo Hawaiian Buddah Sugar Cane
« on: February 20, 2020, 12:22:38 PM »
Looking to purchase Hilo Hawaiian Sugar Cane cuttings. Bonus if it's already rooted, but canes with sufficient nodes will do.

Found some locations online, but they're either unavailable for sale at this time, or ridiculously expensive.


Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / WTB Finger Lime Tree
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:32:34 PM »
Preferably shipped from within the US. Grafted only.

AKA Aristotelia chilensis. Would like to give this one a go.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Peanut Butter Tree seeds.
« on: April 06, 2018, 12:28:43 PM »
AKA Bunchosia Armeniaca/Argentinia/glandulifera for the Peanut Butter tree.

Looking to do another big grow of these and to spread them amongst the members of my local gardening group.

Big bonus if they're still in fresh pods, but the seeds alone will be fine too.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Bamboo cuttings.
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:27:48 PM »
I'm looking for either rootable, or pre-rooted cuttings for bamboo, specifically any variety that's fast growing, adaptable to a desert climate, and with edible shoots.

Also looking for BAMBUSA VULGARIS “WAMIN”, aka the Dwarf Buddah belly, or any other unique and fast growing ornamental.

This is part of an experiment that myself and others in my group in Las Vegas will be doing to see if Mango fares better here seed grown than grafted. We've had some success with grafted trees, but monoembronic seeds we've planted seem to do better (and generally those are the only types sold in stores here). But, monos being monos, they won't be true to type, so meh.

I'm particularly looking for high quality variety ones, especially coconut cream. I managed to snag one a few months ago, but some asshole creature dug out the seed sprounts and damaged their roots, thusly dead.

I won't complain if the seeds are still inside fresh fruit. ;)

Don't have much in the tropical world to trade at the moment, but I do have a large seed collection, particularly for peppers. Failing that, I'll be happy to pay for them via Paypal.


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