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A final thanks to Bill, Amy and team for all the work.  It was a tremendous endeavor and a lot to be thankful for.  Now we watch and wait. 

Agree with Pinkturtle that the roots were a little rough but these trees went through a lot and crossed an ocean to make their way into some soil here.  Planted all 11 of mine last night into FoxFarms soil, watered with rain water and placed in a humidity chamber @ 85% RH for a while. 

There were not any small roots left on the trees I received but there was a lot of old root material.  That makes me think there is enough stored energy to push out some recovery root growth if I don't screw it up. 

I didn't overwater the pots so I am thinking that the humidity chamber, combined with an initial watering is going to be all that needs to be done for 2-3 weeks.  We will see.

Best of luck to everyone.  This should be fantastic. 

A lot of time and stress for the process.  Thanks to you, Amy and Nate for all the hard work.  I know everyone appreciates it and is excited to get started on these trees.  Good luck!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Yangmei (Morella/Myrica rubra) thread
« on: March 07, 2022, 01:34:26 PM »
this will even more popular than your mango thread..Simon.

WHOA NOW!!!  Slow down there JT.  ;)  That is a big statement.  That mango thread was magnificently popular!  Just teasing you.

Thanks for starting this Simon.  I share the excitement and look forward to adding to this post.  As always, your efforts are very appreciated. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Sending a plant to USA
« on: March 05, 2022, 10:52:48 AM »
600 trees imported just this week.  Take a peek at this thread.

You could probably ask Bill his thoughts but definitely no 2 year quarantine.  Since this order, I have been thinking of the possibility of another group order here for a different tree that we have difficulty sourcing here.  I have not decided upon one yet.

I think instead of going into negative thinking, we should all research how to revive those bare rooted trees if and once we get them. That won't be a wasted time. To the Eagles!
If they were properly packaged (It sure sounded like it in the description above) and if they have something to keep them moist, I suspect we will be in good shape indeed.  I am just staying positive!  All we can do  ;)

You're a Rock Star Amy.  You saved a lot of work, time and money for the entire group with your generosity by taking this adventure on.  Thanks a million.

Ahh... didn't seem demanding at all.  Pretty fair question.  That is what this forum is all about... figuring things out and having some fun. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Yang mei growth and bud swelling
« on: March 02, 2022, 12:44:02 PM »
Thanks to all for taking time to post the updates.  It is nice to see already that the wintertime order is having such great success.  It really looks like once healed and properly rooted, these things are going to take off.  We will be seeing them all over in the years ahead. 

Can't wait for the new order to arrive and get started!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Cherilata taste test.
« on: March 02, 2022, 12:35:49 PM »
yeah it has a very slight grainy texture but not much.
Brad.  I am right here in San Diego County with you.  I have a reasonably well established cherimoya tree in the yard already and would be interesting to graft the JP Cherilata onto it.  Any chance you have scions?  I may have to wait a bit as my cherimoya still has 90% of last years leaves and has not started on this new growth this year but would be a fun project.  No pressure but fingers crossed that you do.  Happy to purchase or even trade for some Spiral Aloe seeds. Not a fruit but really cool plant.  Cheers, JL

Do you start the spiral aloe from seed or tc?

Only from seed.  I have not confirmed but read in numerous places that the TC spirals don't end up growing properly.  Doesn't really make sense to me since it should be a genetic match but always from seed either way. 

I had a strange illness that started attacking many of the plants and it was contagious.  I tried many treatments and recently just tossed all but one of the aloes.  I have a couple hundred seeds and am going to start it all again in a few months.  Just letting the sun bake the ground and soil a bit to hopefully avoid the problem in the future.

Will also be more friendly with pesticides and fungicides to avoid a repeat.  They are a pretty amazing plant to grow.  I should have many, many of them again by next year sometime.

Filozophr, I did see your profile, "Just a teen who’s into plants and plant research"
For someone like you, I would make an exception and sell you just 1 if that is your budget, maybe give you more freebies. Nice to see young people like yourself getting into the fruit tree hobby and I would like to encourage you to do so. You could try to send a PM to the seller and let them know if you are on a tight buget. But if you were an old guy like me, I would say read my comments above.

Funny how some people got a little cranky with replies on this post but tucked into the middle of it all was this.  Nicely done SC400.  That is the spirit!  I do the same thing here locally.  In addition to fruit trees, I grow some endangered spiral aloes and have enjoyed giving many away over the years. 

Agreed with the growers as well.  You have to keep track of the value of your time.  There is only so much of it to go around.

 Labels will be attached to each tree this time, and I will put LA trees, SD trees, OC trees marks in the boxes for easy drop off.

Great idea Bill.  That really makes it easier for Amy and the POCs on the trip southbound.  Thanks a million.

Thoughts on packaging trees. 

Amy is being pretty nice about everything but this could easily be 9-11 hour drive for her on a weekday, needing to pass north to south through all of LA with stops. 

Would be nice to make it super easy for her on all fronts if she is handling all 4 drop locations. 

What about bagging trees by species and location so that when she gets to a drop off point, the POC just grabs the location/species bag for each type with their location label (for example "LA Biqi Female", "LA DQ Female", etc). 

Another option would be to simply have boxes for each location (LA,OC,SD) with multiple bags of trees inside but labeled by species to keep separate. 

This saves time at each stop by eliminating her and the POC needing to unpack, count and repack each of the different types.  It would also avoid a lot of additional handling on the trees.  The POC would only need to handle their trees instead of all trees being pulled in and out of the bags at each stop.

It still works out to be a massive time savings to bulk package vs individual shipping.  Just makes life easier on everyone's favorite tree delivery person.

Just a thought. 


 In total there are about 240 trees for the SoCal folks.

Do you have a rough idea in volume how big that would be? It seems like a ton, even for my 8' bed truck.

Joe or Bill may be able to chime in on this based upon the packaging last time?  Guys?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: SoCal Delivery of 2022 Yangmei Second Order
« on: February 22, 2022, 06:51:06 PM »
Hello. I can pickup in LA and distribute some trees to SGV and some parts of OC. I'm available Sat-Tues. Where is the LA pickup?

Not to worry OC!  Anyone (like myself) from SD will have to drive right on by.  Consider OC sealed and delivered.  We will coordinate. 

Most important is to get to SB and LA and from there, it gets simple.

I am pretty sure I saw this plant for sale on Flying Fox Fruits a bit ago when I picked up some Jaboticaba.  Take a peek over there?  Nice guy and really helpful on this forum.

1) sunken in water

I think soaking in water is best for bare rooted plants like these. Vitamin water if possible like with Superthrive or B1 from HD.

If you could bring my order back, it'd be great, K-Rimes. Happy to compensate for the travel and hassles.

I have a bit of Superthrive on hand but will buy another bottle for this. I can make up a rubbermaid bin with 5 gallon of RO water or something.

Hello K-Rimes.  I think the moisture is the most important part to start them rehydrating.  My two cents would be just use water and let everyone take care of their own nutrition once they receive their plants.  See Simon's comments on how adding to much to the water can actually cause damage by pulling water back out of the trees.

I think if you keep it simple and just use water, that is more than half the battle.  On the other thread for SoCal deliveries, folks can discuss:

SoCal purchasers.  Let's use this separate thread to keep it simple for delivery coordination.  This will keep the original thread easier to follow for Bill-bayarea as he takes care of all the questions popping up.  Just a thought.  I had a few of you reach out to me privately already so we can shift to another thread to keep it easy.

Hopefully that is ok with you Bill-bayarea.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / SoCal Delivery of 2022 Yangmei Second Order
« on: February 22, 2022, 04:47:16 PM »
Hello SoCal.  From Bill_bayarea, it sounds like around 250 trees +/- headed southbound.  Let's start this thread to keep discussion clear and easy on just the SoCal delivery coordination.  That way, the original thread stays a little more pure to the Yangmei order?  That is easier for Bill_bayarea to track and answer questions.

So far, K-Rimes and SouthBayHapaJoe stepped up early to help with movement southbound.  I am happy to assist as well.  If K-Rimes has a large truck, that seems like a great option for the firs leg, unless another one presents itself. 

Getting the trees to Santa Barbara is a big step and if K-Rimes' schedule allows that when these arrive, it would be a big help.  From there, SouthBayHapaJoe, myself or FattyFigs have already mentioned being able to make it up to SB.  There are probably others as well.  I have a Chevy Tahoe so I could potentially carry quite a few trees, depending on the dimensions of the containers and would be able to keep them out of the wind and weather.


I am happy to drive to SB too.  We will work that part out and obviously make it worth your trip to SF too.  Sounds like there may be a couple SD folks that can make the drive so we will see when this all unfolds.  Should be fun.  Fingers crossed it happens later this week.

K-Rimes and Joe,

It looks apparent that you have SoCal folks willing to assist in any way possible.  Lets get a count of the total number of trees headed southbound from Bill and coordinate when we have a final date for pickup.

Thank you again for everything.  Looking forward to making this happen. 

I could potentially bring some number back from SF to Santa Barbara. I am busy this coming Friday / Saturday which it sounds like may be delivery? I won't be able to say I can help or not till I know delivery date.

Thanks K-Rimes.  We will see what the date turns out to be and keep the conversation moving.  Much appreciated as SB is way, way closer than SF.

SD is far enough to SB. Tacking on an extra 5 hours is like 20% of the West Coast. A long drive for trees!
Exactly!!  I would at least bring a surfboard and visit some old NorCal along the way if I had to go the distance.  Hopefully not!

I could potentially bring some number back from SF to Santa Barbara. I am busy this coming Friday / Saturday which it sounds like may be delivery? I won't be able to say I can help or not till I know delivery date.

Thanks K-Rimes.  We will see what the date turns out to be and keep the conversation moving.  Much appreciated as SB is way, way closer than SF.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Help with Fruit Tree identification
« on: February 20, 2022, 08:00:59 PM »
Simarouba amara?

This looks promising!  I am going to have to side by side some simarouba photos with the tree.  This looks close indeed.

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