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I'd like to share a picture of my Citsuma Prague which is the most bizarre citrus I have.
It has grown pretty well but it seems it wants to grow in all directions but upwards. If I let it grow it would be much wider than tall.
I know Ilya has one, too. I'd love to see some pictures.

That's neat. I wish I had a citsuma Prague. Would be nice to have a tree from , as grandma says, " the old country". The growth habit looks a lot like my citrange seedlings.

You have very nice specimen. I have this Citsuma in the ground since 2004, but it is grafted on very weak rootstock and has not grown much. Never damaged, but flowering is very sporadic and fruits rapidly abort.

Last year I regrafted it on high stem of very strong poncirus, hope it will finally give some fruits.
Sylvain in Dordogne have very nice plant, almost 2 meters high , producing sweet fruits of very good quality.

Ilya,11 the Satsuma Prague is a cross between the Citsuma unshiu X Poncirus trifoliata correct?

Its origin is not yet clear. Leaves are  a mixture of bi- tri- or monofoliates.
The fruits are almost satsuma like, no poncirus smell or taste.
There is    suspicion that it is a chimera between poncirus and satsuma, but strangely enough even stems and leaves do not have odor or taste of poncirus.
Scientists in Brno show that the nuclei from its cells have homogeneous DNA content, that does not definitely  proves an absence of chimerism , but points more to the hybrid origin of this citrus.
On the other hand, Roberto from Wien observed an emergence of  poncirus like branch   distantly  from   grafting point.
It could be some second generation poncirus-satsuma hybrid with unstable genome, but no definite proof for this exists for the moment.


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