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They are still young. I got them 2 years ago. No idea how old they have been at that time.
I don`t have a mature Poncirus. only seedlings so far. I have a bigger plant in the garden it still refuses to bloom.
Had no luck with precPoncirus and other grafted ones. It seems Poncirus is my biggest quest.

My poncyrus are 15 feet tall and in ground from seedling for past six years, good sun. Don't bloom well. Only started blooming the past three years. Most blossoms killed by freezing every spring. My dragon bloomed first time  this year, 6 years from seed and three feet tall. I had to fertilize them more with miracle grow the past few years to get bloom at all.

Wow.  Not encouraging.
My seed source, Hong's Landscaping in Wichita, Kansas has had regular fruiting for many years.  But Mr. Hong doesn't remember his sourse nor does he remember how long he has had them.  His 2 bushes, not really trees, are about 3 M tall and 5 m wide, with many trunks each.  They are by a fence where they get no attention.  They are of no importance to his landscape business, nor to his mostly beautifully landscaped grounds.
I have 5 year old seedlings from seeds from these to bushes.  Sounds like it will be a while before I'll be getting my own seed or pollen.  Well, I can drive 140 miles to get pollen if I have to.  But first my citrus will have to grow a while.
I have been promised a grafted precocious P.t later this summer, but it sounds like any resulting seedlings will take quite a while as the precocious is recessive.


--- Quote from: Walt on May 19, 2018, 02:44:55 PM --- but it sounds like any resulting seedlings will take quite a while as the precocious is recessive.

--- End quote ---
I cross prec. P.t. and Microcitrus this season. Might be more likely to obtain something precocious again. My aim is not a frost hardy type but a whatever better precocious hybrid for further crossing. In best case something with different genes for precociousness.
I have not theoretically background about this, any idea?

My guess is that inheritance of precociousness from a naturally precocious species will be due to several genes, and the F1 will be intermediate between the parents.  P. trifoliata precociousness is due to single recessive trait.  So I think you are on the right track.  The partial precocity of the hybrid will get you through the F1 generation sooner that less precocious citrus species crossed with precocious Pt.  Then in the F2 I expect the homozygous precocious from Pt will divide the F2 generation into 2 maturity groups, each showing variation in precocity due to the microcitris genes.
That's my guess.  I'm getting set up to do similar crosses, but you are way ahead of me.


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