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Marcin, did I already write that I have Yuzu x poncirus? The seedling first grew a bit slower than Yuzu and then was extremly slow growing but healthy. I repotted it into citrus earth from a building store this year. Leaves are darker green now. (They never looked bad though.) It is to hope that it will finally grow to an exeptable extent. Winter dormancy seems to be like Yuzu. Roots had no problems with root rod in loamy garden soil. Leaves are almost 100% monofoliate.
I hope I can one day send you pollen.

Can I ask a question about my Flying Dragon tree. I have one branch with Yuzu grafted (10yrs old graft) and this year I had fruits of the FD and Yuzu. I saved the seeds from my FD fruits (lots). If I plant these, will there be any cross from the Yuzu, and if there is how can I tell from looking at the seedling.

Here's my FD seeds (1700). Thanks.

Potentially, it is possible to find such a hybrid, FD is giving a decent proportion of zygotic seeds.
But at least in my area,  there is not much  overlap in flowering time between these varieties.
Also, the lack of bees in early spring could be a hindering factor.

Ilya11, ok, thanks for the info.

My FD tree which is old, had flowers and fruits this year that overlapped the Yuzu flowers and now I have fruits on my Yuzu grafts that should ripen in another month. In addition to the Yuzu, I have many other citrus varieties which are grafted on my old Bearss lime tree which is only 10 feet away from this FD tree. On the Bearss lime tree I have Sumo, Eureka lemon, var. Valencia orange, var. Hamilin, var. Blood orange, Australian finger lime, Hybrid key lime, Sanbokan, Pink Lemonade, NZ lemon, Tarocco #7 blood orange, Prague Citsuma, Kabosu, Satsuma mandarin, Harvey lemon, and Volckamer lemon. Some are fruiting, would any of these naturally cross with my FD?


--- Quote from: sc4001992 on September 30, 2022, 06:02:34 AM --- Some are fruiting, would any of these naturally cross with my FD?

--- End quote ---
Of course, potentially there are no insurmountable barriers between these varieties.
But usually one will need an excess of foreign pollen to achieve hybridation. And again, poncirus varieties are usually flowering few weeks ahead of others.


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