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Very interesting Marcin, please keep us updated on the growth of these seedlings.
Do you remember what was the embryo color of hybrid seeds- green or white?
Have you castrated the Nagami flowers? I noticed that when it is flowering alone there are virtually no seeds formed. That is why this summer I pollinated non-castrated Nagami with Swamp Lemon, we shall see if there will be some hybrids.

Maybe it will be similar to a citrangequat but with more poncyrus traits. 

Thanks for all your answers.

Mikkel, I've added descriptions to the photos.

Hardyvermont, this could also mean cross incompatibility. I'll try to check that when my Meiwa flowers. Thanks for sharing your observation.

Ilya11, I think the seeds looked more white than typical kumquat seeds, but I haven't removed the seed coats so can't be sure. Yes, I have castrated the flowers.
Nagami - Swamp lemon hybrid sounds good! I hope the cross will succeed.

Thank you

Nagami x Poncirus seedlings are changing colors.


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