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HRS 899 experiences ?

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Hello, inspired by an older post of usirius to getting jam out of HRS 899 and the conclusion  that edibility and jam seems to be good I wondered which clone of HRS 899 this was and what expiriences have been made with HRS 899 in the Forum and especially I would be interested in HRS 899A, the clone I planted this year in ground.
Thanks in advance, Frank


Sylvain, thanks for the link, good information to HRS 899, would still be interesting if someone already got fruit and can tell something to fruit edibility and fruit size. Frost hadiness seems to be promising.
Best regards Frank

Robert, (zitrusgärtner) has a fruiting 899A.

On a related note, has anyone seen an HRS 811 or an HRS 849?

These were tested as rootstock years back. I’m curious about the Seville/poncirus crosses.


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