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I posted this on facebook but since not everyone is on there I thought I'd share it here too.

In Switzerland, we have this Citrumelo called Nr. 82 because that is its catalogue number from Eisenhut nursery. It is a selection they made. It is not known what the original variety was. A fellow citrus enthusiast once said that this was by far the best Citrumelo he had ever tasted and that he thought it tasted like a grapefruit from the 80s. A few days ago, I picked the fruits and I have to say it is quite good for a Poncirus hybrid. The flesh is sour but with a notable sweetness. It is also bitter but not unpleasantly so. And there is very little poncirine taste, no resin. The juice is even better, I can drink it just like that, bo Poncirus notes whatsoever. I used the juice to make jelly and I think it tastes great.

Mind you, this is still far from eatable compared to any commercial citrus but much better than other Poncirus hybrids that I have tasted. It is also better than Dunstan in our climate. I have a smaller one in ground but it hasn't fruited yet. It did sail through its first winter with about -9C unscathed though. Considering that spring and early summer were much too cold (everything is about a month behind) I think it could taste even better in a normal year.

Congratulation Flo, looks great your tree with fruits. For me as also cold hardy citrus cultivater its only a pity, that our species (cold hardy citrus cultivater) is so rare, that fruits of the different cultivars are so seldom, that we not often are able to compare fruits and taste of cold hardy varieties. So your taste test and sharing of this is very appreciated, thanks a lot . And good luck for fruits with your tree planted in soil.

Hi Flo, can you compare the taste tobDunstan or 5* citrumelo ? Would be interesting to know if there is a difference to better taste ? Thanks Frank

I have not been able to compare the 3 at the same time, but I would call N82 the best of the three and the european Dunstan the worst.

thanks Mikkel, seems I have to regradt some of my Dunstans 😉, because I also see 5* better than Dunstan in taste.


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