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Does anyone grow this satsuma...the xie Shan? If so is it cold hardy and how does it taste? 
Has anyone bought it at

Mike Adams

Mike, I have grown Xie Shan for 10 years.  The taste is amazing.  I have attended three Citrus Expositions, at two of the expos (Charleston and Alabama) there was a best tasting citrus contest.  Xie Shan won  at both expo. I grow my tree inside a large greenhouse, so I cannot attest to it cold hardiness.  However, Satsuma as a group, are considered a hardier fruit, tut to what degree I cannot say..

Where did you buy it?
Mike Adams

Sorry I don't remember, it was ten or more years ago.  You can probably find it at Madison Citrus Nursery 

I bought mine from Briteleaf. It developed gummosis, has not been a healthy plant. My meiwa from them is fine though. I don't like how tall and lanky the trees came in though, for container I prefer a shorter form.


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